Quick and Stylish Hair Buns for Long Hair: 8 Easy Options

The resurgence of the hair bun in recent years has redefined its status from outdated to timeless chic. Offering a blend of practicality and style, a simple hair bun is a go-to option for busy individuals seeking effortless elegance. But how can you achieve the perfect bun with long hair? Let’s explore eight simple yet trendy bun hairstyles suitable for various occasions, ensuring an instantly chic look every time.

Messy Bun:

Exuding effortless charm, the messy bun remains a favorite among fashionistas worldwide. Whether inspired by Gigi Hadid or Ashley Benson, this versatile style is perfect for casual outings or glamorous events. Achieve the ideal messy bun by embracing feather-cut hair with short strands, lending a natural yet stylish allure to your look.

Low Bun:

Ideal for time-conscious individuals, the low bun exudes sophistication and simplicity. Create this classic look by gathering your hair into a ponytail, twisting it into a chic bun, and securing it with hairpins. This versatile style transitions seamlessly from casual days to formal occasions with ease.

Twisted Bun:

Channel your inner Jennifer Lopez with a sleek twisted bun, showcasing elegance and refinement. While initially appearing intricate, the twisted bun is surprisingly simple to achieve with practice. Experiment with variations, such as high or low twists, to find your signature style.

Rosette Buns:

Embrace the charm of spring with rosette buns, reminiscent of blooming flowers. Despite their intricate appearance, rosette buns are surprisingly easy to create, making them perfect for weddings or special occasions. Master the technique and add a touch of elegance to your hairstyle repertoire.

Bun and Center Braid:

Elevate your bun game with a chic center braid, adding texture and allure to your look. Perfect for those pesky bad hair days, this stylish option combines practicality with sophistication, ensuring you look effortlessly chic at all times.

Double-Twisted Buns:

Effortlessly chic and practical, double-twisted buns offer a polished look while concealing any hair flaws. Perfect for days when time is of the essence, these buns provide a stylish solution for keeping hair away from your face without sacrificing style.

Tall Bun:

Ideal for dancers and performers, the tall double bun exudes elegance and grace. Achieve this sleek look by securing your hair into a loose ponytail and wrapping it into a bun, ensuring a secure hold with bobby pins. Add texturizing spray for added volume and texture, perfect for any dressy occasion.

Barrette Bun:

Infuse your bun with sophistication by incorporating a stylish barrette for a touch of glamour. Elevate your everyday bun into a party-ready hairstyle by adding embellishments and styling products, ensuring a magnificent finish that commands attention.


With these eight effortless bun hairstyles for long hair, you can effortlessly elevate your look for any occasion. Whether you prefer the casual charm of a messy bun or the refined elegance of a twisted bun, there’s a style to suit every preference and personality. Embrace the versatility of bun hairstyles and prepare to receive compliments on your chic and stylish look.