Rand Paul Declares Why America Is SAFER Now That Brennan Has NO Sec. Clearance

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John Brennan losing his security clearance is probably one of the best things to happen for the safety of America, according to Rand Paul.

On Monday, Rand was briefly interviewed on Fox related to the recent Brennan fallout and his summary of what it now implicates for national security moving forward says it all. Video Below

Rand was one of the biggest advocates who called on President Trump to pull Brennan’s clearance. He met with Trump just a couple of weeks before the President made his final decision, warning of the dangers that Brennan’s leaky mouth imposed on our safety.

And now that Trump finally pulled the trigger, Rand is delighted that America is now facing less risky times without Brennan having access to top secret information.

Paul considers Brennan a “national security risk to our country” and he believes “we are safer because his security clearance is gone.”  He gave specific examples to back up his claims.

Video Below

Rand thinks Brennan doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut. And gave an example of an incident that involved a double-agent in Yemen, where Brennan leaked information on that person, putting his or her life in danger.

The other incident involved Brennan illegally looking over information on Democrats’ computers related to one of their investigations and then later lying about it.

And finally, Brennan’s latest statements about President Trump prove just how dangerous and unhinged he is. Rand is bothered that Brennan openly considers acts done by President Trump as “treasonous,” which means he thinks the Commander-In-Chief should be put to death. So there is no reason why someone who thinks that way should be put “in the chain of information”. Video Below

Rand Paul Explains Why It’s Good John Brennan No Longer Has Security Clearance

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