Veteran Knocks Official From Her Anti-American Pedestal After Kneeling For The Anthem

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Who is Melissa Schlag of Haddam, Connecticut? She is selectman for the local government board.

She has caused great controversy over her kneeling at the flag during the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance during the Town Select meetings. (VIDEO BELOW.)

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Selectwoman Melissa Schlag kneels for the Pledge of Allegiance during a Haddam, Conn., board of selectmen meeting on Monday, July 30, 2018 at the Haddam firehouse. Protestors and supporters gathered Monday night around a Haddam Town Meeting to address the recent controversy generated by Selectwoman Melissa Schlag’s protest of the Pledge of Allegiance. (Sarah Gordon/The Day via AP)

One Veteran has had ENOUGH of her kneeling at the Flag.

During the Town Select meeting, where the board of 3-5 selectmen who are the executive arm of the government in New England towns, Schlag kneeled at the flag.

Although one man stood and discussed her First Amendment right to do so, a veteran marine Pablo Arroyo followed it with an impassioned and powerful speech AGAINST her actions.

Pablo’s words are so filled with emotion that it deeply stirs the crowd. The people cheered him and even stood for an ovation.

Arroyo begins by agreeing that it is her right to “protest, bend the knee, burn the flag or lay down…”

However, he continues, “…BUT if that’s what you would like to do. Do THAT on YOUR own time!” The people sitting in plastic chairs, erupted into cheers so loud there was no doubt they are with him. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The Patriot continues, “when you become an elected official. You become a representative of ALL of Haddam. And ALL the constituency.”

Arroyo reminds everyone in the room about our Statue of Liberty and that she represents all of the American people.

Then he reminds Schlag she was acting on her own whim and not representing the people.

Additionally, he reminds her as Selectman of Haddam, she also took an oath to uphold ALL the people.

Haddam is located in Middlesex County where people are a majority President Trump supporters. He won by 55% in the 2016 Presidential election. 2,696 people voted HRC and 3,257 voted DJT.

Schlag has fallen under harsh criticism. She tells CNN, “…the criticism isn’t stopping her. As long as Trump’s in office, she says she’ll keep kneeling.” Wouldn’t it be easier to accept the election results?

Nia Hamm, reporter at the local Fox station tweets the video. (See tweet below.)

“Public comments at a Board of Selectman meeting in surrounding controversy of Selectwoman Melissa Schlag during the pledge of allegiance in Protest of President Trump’s policies. This veteran says he’s opposed to her actions.”

In closing, what do you think of the “kneelers” who are now in public office? Why do you suppose they are still NOT respecting the election results?