Rep. Gohmert Just Fired Off The Silver Bullet That Exposes Rosenstein’s Incompetence

Image Source: Video screen shots. Compilation

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on “oversight of the FBI and DOJ actions surrounding the 2016 election,” on Thursday.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray were there to testify. (Video Below)

In a contentious hearing, Rosenstein was grilled repeatedly Thursday by House Republicans over everything from his department’s role in Trump campaign surveillance to alleged stonewalling of congressional document requests to the damning watchdog report on FBI conduct during the Clinton email probe.

Louis Buller Gohmert Jr (R-TX) was next to expose Rosenstein’s incompetence over the FISA applications that he signed.

During the hearing, Gohmert started out by mocking Rosentein after hearing many questions and answers from his colleagues. He addressed the issue that Rosenstein dodged questions saying, “Your responses have been I wasn’t here then, it wasn’t me, I didn’t personally do that, I didn’t redact documents, I wasn’t friends with Peter Stzok…that was someone else.”

Then, Gohmert went further taunting Rosenstein and mocking him again. “I am the Deputy Attorney General.” He added, “Well you certainly are, but the actions of your subordinates are all employees of the DOJ…aren’t you vouching for those? Don’t those people respond to you?” (Video Below)

Rosenstein fumbled and nervously responded, “Yes.”

Next, Gohmert asked if Trisha Anderson was involved in drafting, editing or approving the four FISA applications to spy on Carter Page. Rosenstein seemed confused and paused while looking at FBI Director Wray.

Gohmert again mocked Rosenstein responding, “So, just to be clear, Director Wray you have to answer for the Deputy Attorney General about FISA applications he [Rosenstein] signed?”  (Video Below)

Rosenstein was immediately shut down and Gomert came in with another jab. “You’ve been a bit vague on whether or not you signed the FISA.”

Rosentstein being nervous fumbled again trying to make up excuses, but Gohmert wasn’t having it and came back asking sternly, “Did you sign the fourth FISA application?” Rosenstein admitted to signing adding that it was his job.

Gohmert was just getting started. “When you approve a FISA application- in your mind does that mean you should read it and understand it what’s part of it?” Rosenstein searched for the right words and was shut down again. Gohmert grilled him over reading the application which Rosenstein seemed to fail to do.

“I’ll tell you…being a former felony state judge, if I had somebody like you come before me and now it was not revealed later…. that the the guy that signed and approved an application for a warrant- had not even read the application that would allow spying on somebody….. I would look at everything he signed from then on with a jaundiced eye.”  (Video Below)

Rosenstein interrupted Gohmert while pleading for a chance to explain.

At that point someone in the room was triggered and tried to interrupt Gohmert.

“Did you not know that Bruce Ohr was meeting with Christopher Steele, getting information about the Dossier and supplying that information to the FBI at the same time his wife Nellie was working for Fusion GPS that was helping Hillary Clinton? Did you not know he was doing that for the FBI?” Rosenstein denied knowing.

Rosenstein dodged questions and made up excuses for not reading before signing the FISA applications.



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