Lou Dobbs Sends Out SHOCK WAVES That Has Obama’s Global Rat Farm Scurrying for Cover

Lou Dobbs, Obama, Castro, Hezbollah & Khamenei via Screen Grabs and Dagger News Compilation

Lou Dobbs is one of the most outspoken critics of the former Obama Administration on a wide range of issues. And he is one of the few political commentators who actually defends President Trump and his administration day in and day out.

On Saturday, Dobbs noticed a Twitter user citing an article by a Sputnik News, a Russian propaganda source, that stated National Security Advisor John Bolton, was an “extremely dangerous” choice made by Trump. Dobbs squashed the ridiculous notion immediately and slammed former President Obama at the same time.


Lou Dobbs slammed down the hammer after a Twitter user said in regards to a Russian article that slammed John Bolton, “Just because it’s Russian propaganda doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

After taking note, Dobb’s replied with a brutal response:

Bolton is dangerous–to any country that @realDonaldTrump decides is screwing with the United States. @POTUS is driving the Trump Doctrine–not Obama’s passivity and giveaway program called “strategic patience”  



Whether you agree with him or not, Dobbs made an interesting point.

Obama ticked off millions of Americans at how he treated our enemies. He was soft on North Korea, he sided more with the Palestinians than Israel, he enabled ISIS, and he gave billions of dollars to Iran, whose motto is “Death to America!” You can read more about why Obama bent over backwards for Iran by clicking HERE.

It was even recently figured out by Judicial Watch that Obama allegedly took $9 million dollars in US tax money and funneled it to George Soros to help bring a socialist in to power. You can read more on that HERE.

So for anyone to say that Bolton is “extremely dangerous,” is making the statement out of fear of what is to come. President Trump’s “Peace Through Strength” policy has worked thus far and will be embraced by Bolton, who takes a hardline approach towards countries, like Russia, that try to boss America around from time to time.

Besides, isn’t it odd that Anti-Trump forces that are opposed to President Trump and accuse him of colluding with Russia, are the ones pushing Russian propaganda? It’s amusing, isn’t it?

CLICK HERE, to read more about how John Bolton plans to pay back the media’s henchmen in the best way possible.

We leave you with a video of Bolton already going head-to-head against Russian propaganda: