Dershowitz & DiGenova Appear On Hannity, Wipe Smirks Off Mueller & Rosenstein’s Faces

Dershowitz vs diGenova Showdown on the Hannity show! Dagger News compilation of Mueller Speech Screen Shot/Rosenstein Interview Screen Shot/Fox Screen Shots.Dershowitz vs diGenova Showdown on the Hannity show! Dagger News compilation of Mueller Speech Screen Shot/Rosenstein Interview Screen Shot/Fox Screen Shots. Dagger News Compliation

Two of the greatest legal minds in America met up in a face-off on live TV. They are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, yet they AGREE. Both agree that the Mueller endless investigation is a disgrace.

The Dershowitz Vs. DiGenova showdown was an amazing peek into the legalities of the Mueller Collusion delusion probe. (VIDEO BELOW)

First a quick review. Alan Deshowitz is Professor emeritus and graduate of Harvard Law. Dershowitz is a scholar of United States constitutional law and criminal law. Politically he stands left of center as a “political liberal.”

Second, Joseph DiGenova, is an attorney who served in the Reagan administration as the AG for the District of Columbia. Politically, Joe is a member of the Republican party. Both men and their opinions from a legal stand point, are well regarded. Neither typically agree.

Because they agree on where the Mueller probe is going, ALL American’s have a reason to give pause, and take the time to listen to these two power minded legal eagles. They both definitely have what is good for the United States close to their hearts.

Dershowitz starts out with this power packed statement saying, “the President should not sit down with the Mueller team. He says that through all the indictments thus far, they have all been “low hanging fruit.” And then he lays it down.“You can be indicted for perjury even if you tell the truth.” Because all that has to happen is they believe the other side who is lying, and not you. (VIDEO BELOW)

DiGenova went to town on the Mueller witch hunt. He started with Rod Rosenstein, and Joe lit into Rod saying, “Well, let’s say this about Rosenstein. His conduct from the beginning of the investigation has been a DISGRACE. Legally and every other way. He is an EMBARRASSMENT to the Administration.” 

Hannity describes the pair as “two of the smartest lawyers in the country.”


The legal eagle dynamic duo on two opposite sides of the spectrum agreed on the following points and MORE!

The greatest pair of legal minds agree that “they [the Mueller investigation] have deprived the President of the opportunity to Govern.”

They also agree that Rosenstein should recuse himself since he cannot be fired. These two great Attorney’s agree that Rosenstein is incompetent.

The legal twosome also agreed that the President should not sit down for an interview with the witch hunt team. It is not required by law, and may be a set up for entrapment to a lesser charge of lying.
In closing, Dershowitz ended with, “And it’s rare that Joe and I agree about anything. Today we agree!” And DiGenova, in good spirits quipped, “Today it’s perfection!” 

Do you think the President should sit down for an interview with Mueller or answer written questions? 

Drop a note below and let us know what you think. Also, how about these two – Dershowitz Vs. DiGenova – who are on completely opposite sides politically, actually agreeing that the Mueller probe should end? What do you think about THAT?