James Woods Shatters GOP Establishment With The Ultimate Solution For Border Security

James Woods, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Mitch McConnell via Screen Grabs

James Woods has had enough of the latest in-actions from GOP leadership when it comes to border security, among several other issues.

Woods, who lives in California, has seen first-hand how lax border security has led to the deterioration of the “Golden State.” And just like President Trump, Woods says it’s a result of illegal immigrants pouring through our border with barely any repercussions by current leadership. And now with nothing appearing to be done by current members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat, regarding the issue, Woods is offering the perfect solution for the time being. See Below

On Sunday, President Trump kicked off the Easter holiday by venting frustration with both Mexico and members of Congress for not helping with the current border fiasco. He suggests Republicans use the nuclear option to push key parts of his border security agenda through. You can read more on that HERE.


James Woods followed with his very own solution on how the “invasion” should be handled in the meantime until Congress gets rid of what he calls “Republicans Without Balls.” Woods took on the GOP establishment, primarily Paul Ryan, when he said:

“Send the National Guard to the border until you can rid Congress of . We need to elect a Congress that will do something about this

It is this simple. @SpeakerRyan must go. While this alien horde marches toward our southern border, we need to find new leaders. We have approximately two weeks before this invasion. The clock is ticking on Paul Ryan. Do something, you worthless !” SEE BELOW

Woods brings up a viable solution. Afterall, President Trump is Commander-in-Chief, which means he could technically activate the National Guard along the border.

The pressure is on Republican leaders’ handling of border security since it is one of the primary components of Trump’s agenda and nearly 90% of Republicans agree with President Trump’s direction thus far as shown in this poll. And it’s already known Democrats will not do anything to help solve the issue, as they have been pure obstructionists to the President.

If key Republican Congressional leaders were gung-ho on Trump’s border security plan, you would think Paul Ryan and his establishment friends would try much harder making things happen. Instead, they are handling he issue in a weak way, or as Woods says, “Without Balls.” Perhaps major changes will be made in a few months when voters head to the polls, as Woods suggests.

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