Right Before The Oscars, Street Artist Trolls Hollywood With Three EPIC Billboards

Image Source: Dagger News Compilation

Apparently, it is really really rough being a Republican in Hollywood.

And trolling the Oscars is what is called for sometimes!

An artist by the name of SABO has something to say about liberal Hollywood and the Oscars, and so, he took his creativity and talent by exposing their hypocrisy in art form.

SABO explains his reason behind his ambition saying, “Bush the younger was elected President and the claws came out in Hollywood. I lost my friends along with a great deal of peace.”

“It was not a good time to be a Republican in Hollywood. There was no place I could go where I wasn’t punched in the face by some sort of art defining who I was for being a Republican. Evil, bigoted, homophobic, out of touch, rich, greedy, on and on. And, then I snapped.”

SABO sticks it to the #MeToo hypocrites by hijacking Billboard signs like in the the Movie, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)’. (See Below)

The movie is about a mother who lost a daughter to murder. The police were not doing anything about it. She heard nothing from them until she put up three billboards. To watch the trailer, see below: (See BILLBOARDS below video)

Sabo, the Hollywood artist, decided to re-create the idea. Likewise, Sabo created three huge billboard covers made of red background with black letters. The billboards troll the Hollywood set who have done NOTHING for the #MeToo movement.

The first billboard in bold black letters set into place with a crew of 6, states, “AND THE OSCAR FOR BIGGEST PEDOPHILE GOES TO…” 

Photo courtesy of SABO. www.unsavoryagents.com

Photo courtesy of SABO. www.unsavoryagents.com

Second billboard cover by SABO located on La Brea Avenue, states: “WE ALL KNEW AND STILL NO ARRESTS.”

Photo courtesy of SABO. www.unsavoryagents.com

Photo courtesy of SABO. www.unsavoryagents.com

Finally, the last overlay which measures 48 x 14 feet high stated, “NAME NAMES ON STAGE OR SHUT THE H### UP!”

Photo Courtesy to SABO. Www.unsavoryagents.com

Photo Courtesy to SABO. Www.unsavoryagents.com

In closing, if you are cheering for the artist and the crew who put these signs up to troll Hollywood then drop a comment below! The Oscars are scheduled for Sunday night. Will you be watching or sitting it out?