CHECKMATE: George Soros in Complete Disarray After Georgia’s Latest Move

Georgia introduces Bill to protect against Voter Fraud much to Soros chagrin. Image credit to screen capture and Dagger News.Georgia introduces Bill to protect against Voter Fraud much to Soros chagrin. Image credit to Pinterest and Dagger News.

In the great state of Georgia, their motto is “Wisdom, Justice [and] Moderation”. Above all, there is a State Representative (GA-R),  Scot Turner. He exemplifies the State motto!

Turner is very interested in stopping Soros from hacking Georgia elections! He has introduced a bill that would stop hackable electronic voting machines. And “go back to the future” with paper ballots! h/t Fox News.

Additionally, Turner has introduced a bill that would send all of the electronic touch-screen voting machines back to the dump heap. And the reason why is common sense. After all, these touch-screen varieties or DRE’s have no paper trail. In the event that, there is a challenge, there is no second way to account and tally for accuracy. In addition, they can be hacked easily, all day and night long.

Georgia State Representative Turner combats Soros machines and ignites mayhem on hackers!

In no uncertain terms, Turner states:

 “The most secure elections in the world are conducted with a piece of paper and a pencil. It allows you to continue into the future to verify the result.”

Georgia is one of five states still using DREs statewide without a physical paper trail backup. A sixth state, Nevada, uses DREs with a paper trail statewide,” per Fox News. 

In reality, Jeh Johnson agrees! Johnson, former Homeland Security Secretary under Obama, concurs that a back-up needs to be implemented.

Johnson said:

“I don’t know that there needs to be one specific way to cast a ballot and record a vote, but there are a number of best practices. What’s crucial is redundancy — having a backup system for recounting votes if there’s a technical glitch or deliberate meddling.”


In ending, voter fraud is real. Do you think this type of legislation would help stop dead voters and DRE tampering? Also, to read more about how New Hampshire prevents voter fraud, click HERE.