Following the SOTU, Trump Takes A Big League Jump In Approval Rating

President Trump, Courtesy of Imgflip

President Trump’s job approval rating is climbing!

Could it be because of the SOTU? Perhaps, it’s the tax reform? Or perhaps the way the Democrats are behaving? Or could it be that most American’s were holding back their approval until they say that POTUS is keeping all of his campaign promises?

President Trump is hitting it out the ballpark! And the American people are noticing!

Real Clear Politics who is the aggregate polling site. In other words, RCP takes an average of the larger more reputable polls and President Trump’s job approval rating is at 44.5%. These are polls since President Trumps SOTU!

Rasmussen was the outlier with forty-nine (49%) of likely U.S. Voters who approve of the president’s job performance. And Eric Trump actually sent a tweet about it earlier with the poll attached! His message was simply, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!

See below!

In ending, if you are satisfied with the job that President Trump is doing, then drop a comment below! And thank you for your support!