60th Grammy Ratings Suffer Big League Beating Amid Political Stunt

Deadline was quick to report the dramatic free fall of viewers for the 60th Grammy awards over last year! And it is VERY safe to say that America did NOT appreciate the mix of music with toxic Hillary reading from an already debunked book Fire and Fury. Clearly, it was a way to plummet the Grammy ratings!

The title “Grammy’s Greatest Stories: 60th Anniversary Special” was certainly literal about one word, “stories”. Meaning the book was admittedly partially made up by the author. Click HERE for the Washington Times to read about Wolff’s recant.

Grammy viewership FREE FALLS down 23% over last year!  

Last year, “the 59th Grammy Awards ended up with a 7.8/22 rating and 26.04 million viewers.” As reported by Deadline. And this blockbuster number lets celebs know they lost a quarter of their viewers over last year!

“Viewershipwise, the 60th Grammy’s shed over 5 million sets of eardrums from last year for what was a 23% drop.

Maybe celebs will think twice about continuing the downward spiral they are producing with the very people who keep them in business: The American viewers at home! Or maybe not. Perhaps their end goal is collect and warp the minds of as many American’s who will buy into their highly partisan rhetoric.

Let us know if you watched below in comments. And if at what point you had enough!

Main Image Source: Grammys Screen Grab