Charlie Daniels Rips Schumer To Shreds Over His DACA Stance

Charlie Daniels, Chuck Schumer; Courtesy of, ABC and Dagger News Compilation

Chuck Schumer and other Senate Democrats showed where their true interest lies when they decided to temporarily shut down the government for three days, beginning last Friday.

Democrats sent America a message that they were more concerned about illegal immigrants (dreamers) over American military families and children. Music Legend Charlie Daniels recognized this and could no longer keep his thoughts about it inside. He unloaded on Chuck Schumer in a classic Thursday statement. Check it out below:


Daniels shot out the following tweet, specifically directed at Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Daniels said:

“Hey Schumer how about rescuing the children of this nation who were born here, kidnapped and forced into the sex trade, they were dreamers too until some slimy , evil monster destroyed their lives.
Not enough votes involved?”

Daniels has a good point. Afterall, critics say Democrats have DACA in their interest, primarily for the 800,000 plus votes they will gain nationally if they become legal U.S. citizens.

What ever happened to caring about our own men, women and children who are already citizens?

Democrats have already proven they will fight long and hard, even if it means shutting down the government for illegals instead of citizens. And many voters, like Charlie Daniels, have been taking note of where Democrats’ true interest lies as the 2018 election looms.

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  1. sergio PRESA | January 27, 2018 at 7:02 AM |

    Charlie is a true patriot……Democrats are trying to destroy this country to be in power

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