Gaetz Lets The Cat Out Of FBI’s Bag, Exposes Rosenstein’s Texts/Memos Secret

Matt Gaetz, Rod Rosenstein via Screen Grabs, Compilation By Dagger News

Let’s rewind to December 13, 2017 when Rosenstein was in Congress testifying.

We had Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General of the United States,  saying that he doesn’t want to release any memos, on record! Exactly, who is he trying to protect?

Then, we have Trey Gowdy on a six minute rant suggesting WHY Rosenstein is against releasing the memos! And wait until you hear Gaetz, just yesterday, tying that very important date of December 13th together with the missing text messages! You can’t make this stuff up! WOW!

Fox News reported Rosenstein, on the record, saying:

“As a general proposition, you have to understand the Department of Justice. We take confidentiality seriously, so when we have memoranda about our ongoing matters, we have an obligation to keep that confidential.”

Trey Gowdy (SC-R) rants over WHY the Deputy AG would not want to release memos during Rosenstein’s testimony on December 13th!

“So let’s be really clear WHY we have Special Counsel. It was either a REAL or perceived conflict of interest. That we were fearful would either impact the result or people’s confidence in the process. That’s WHY we have something that’s called Special Counsel. And that’s why we have Special Counsel in this fact pattern.

And then lo and behold! Those who were suppose to make sure there are no conflict of interest, seem to have a few of their own!” Watch video below. 

Fast forward to yesterday. Gaetz reveals what happened on December 13th regarding the missing text messages!

Those powerful words and the idea that there was complete bias in the Mueller investigation has not been dropped. And as more and more information comes to light about the corruption inside the Mueller Investigation, we have more Patriots asking to #ReleaseTheMemo. Watch as Matt Gaetz (FL-R), yesterday,  completely destroys the ideology that the memo should not be released and he offers a blockbuster piece of information that is KEY in connecting Rosenstein to the missing text messages.

And Gaetz tells us what he is going to do about it. Keep calling your Senators and State Representatives so they know we want to know! Listen to the video below when Harris Faulkner of Fox News asks, “When did those text message go missing, do we know?” And Gatez replies with:

“Well, that’s very interesting that that seems to be a factual dispute. There’s a December 13th letter from Mr. Horowitz (the Inspector General of the FBI) to Senator Ron Johnson (WI-R) saying ‘I have all the text messages through the month of June.’

And then only after that, do we hear from the FBI that there’s a five month black hole in those text messages. So we’ve got conflicting information. Today, I’ll be sending a demand with several of my colleagues to the FBI to find out where the phones are. What system inoperability are they saying malfunctioned? What upgrade was it that caused this snafu?

Because it would be the greatest coincidence since the Immaculate Conception if it just happened to be the case, that right after Obama sics the Intelligence community on Trump. [That] the text messages go dark. And only reappear the day that Robert Mueller is hired to investigate the President. Come on, the American people won’t believe that’s a coincidence and i don’t believe it either.

Watch video below. 

This is HUGE! The December 13th date is crucial because it is the same date Rosenstein was testifying to the House Judiciary Committee for an oversight hearing.

Do you think Rosenstein is corrupt by not wanting to release any memos to the American people? Who do you think he is trying to protect? Drop your thoughts below. And SHARE this article so people know what is going on!