Final Dossier Dot Connected: Team Obama Exposed As The Actual Collusionists

Jesse Watters had a power team on his show this weekend! Sara Carter of Circa News and Dan Bongino a former Secret Service agent. And what they had to tell us is serious Russian collusion…by the Comey FBI and under Barrack Hussein Obama! Click HERE for more information.

The ‘Fake Dossier’ Scandal!

So far, what we know is that the DNC and Hillary Clinton paid for the dossier, which was really a dressed up piece of unverified opposition research! And this fake dossier was taken to the FISA court. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court was created to monitor “foreign intelligence information” between “foreign powers” and “agents of foreign powers” suspected of espionage or terrorism.”

We also know someone took the fake dossier to a FISA judge who signed it! As Jesse said, “and the judge signs off on that?” A fake dossier? And this is when Sara Carter steps in and connects the final dot! And wow – it’s really bad for the Obama-era administration!

Sara said we will find there was systemic FISA abuse! That it was happening regularly to listen in on Americans and to make being able to “wire tap” legit, they had to create a false pretense that the Americans being spied upon were suspected of terrorism! That’s why there was a need for an unverified dossier! This is HUGE! Sara then commented, in the interview:

“[There was] systemic abuse of getting warrants to basically listen in. And, I think what they are going to discover, is that when you look at this dossier, in the end, it appears to be. The U.S. Intelligence sources that I have spoken with and others overseas, that this was a DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN by the Russians. So the Russians actually used this dossier to put in fake information.

Watch the video below! 

Jesse calls it what it is. And says “this is NIXONIAN!”

This is an incredible injustice to the people of America! And it was all under the Obama administration.

Jesse commented toward the end of the interview, “so we either got duped by the Russians or Hillary paid for the duping herself. And it’s completely embarrassing and has led to a lot of these investigations.”

It’s taking a long time, America. And the best thing we can do is have patience and CONTACT our Senators and State Representatives and tell them we want to see these traitors prosecuted! Jesse ended with, “we’re going to get to the bottom of it because a lot of the investigators on the House side are really starting to crack down and issue subpoenas and threats.” 

What do you think of all of this? Sound off in the comment section below and please make sure you Share this article since most mainstream sources are blacking it out!

Feature Image: Dagger News Compilation

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  1. Really!!???? Didn’t we realize this about 2012!!?? Obama was taking America down while getting richer and more corrupt each year!!

  2. We already know all this, what we want to know is when will they all be prosecuted for it????

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