Senator Hatch Makes A Surprise Announcement

(Feature image courtesy of Dagger News) (Feature image courtesy of Dagger News) 

Senator Orrin G. Hatch (R-UT) has announced his retirement. He will not be running for Senate in the 2018 Utah run. Mitt Romney is being suggested as a replacement. Sarah Sanders announced that President Trump “is sad to see Hatch leave.”

President Trump had said previously that “We hope you will continue to serve your state and your country in the Senate for a very long time to come,” Trump said via Fox News.

Senator Orrin Hatch has been a supporter of President Trump and if you would like to read about Hatch’s latest kudos to Trump, click HERE. Hatch is currently the longest acting Republican in the Senate…over 40 years. His first year was 1977. He was instrumental in helping pass the recent Tax Reform bill. Thank you Senator Hatch for your service.

Watch Senator Hatch’s video message below posted on Twitter just moments ago.

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