After McCabe Tries To Slither Away Unnoticed, Trump Stomps Him Ruthlessly

Trump tweets on McCabe congressional testimony.Trump tweets on McCabe congressional testimony.

After spending over 16 hours embroiled in congressional interrogations, Andrew McCabe, has emerged with a sudden desire to RETIRE from the FBI. Like a snake ready to slither away from his kill, he would like to hide with a hefty retirement on our dime! Really?

To hear the left media arm tell it, McCabe is innocent of any wrong doing! And he is a great servant of the Country and deserves none of the criticism by the evil Republicans. DON’T FALL FOR IT. The behavior of the Obama-era FBI and DOJ are akin to the wayward and unethical politics in NOKO. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE for America! 

Is it true that McCabe is currently the Deputy Director of the FBI and served his country for 20 years? Yes. Does he deserve to retire on the backs of OUR DIME after turning the FBI into a circus show? NO. If you are equally OUTRAGED that McCabe clearly was the ring leader of the “HQ Special” Clinton Email scandal and a Hillary Clinton puppet then contact your congressmen and tell them about it. Click HERE to find information to easily contact your congressmen.

To read more about the crimes and the information that has come from the first interrogation by the Intelligence committee which lasted close to 8 hours then click HERE. And to read about the second interrogation by the House Judiciary committee which lasted a bit over 8 hours click HERE.

McCabe committed some of the MOST OUTRAGEOUS ACTIONS of CLEAR BIAS DURING AN ELECTION. Clearly this is CORRUPTION. And he should NOT be allowed to SLITHER away.

We, as hard working Americans, should be completely DISGUSTED by the actions of the FBI who are suppose to be unbiased and a check in the balance of politics. Not the ring leaders of pure political attacks against a political candidate. The FBI and DOJ are suppose to be the ones who go after schmucks who try to rig a Presidential election…not be the ones rigging it. Read President Trump’s tweet below.

President Trump did not let the obvious INJUSTICE of what the FBI and DOJ did – go unnoticed. He tweeted yesterday, to let the American people know that the Obama-era FBI and DOJ were CORRUPT. He let the American people know that McCabe accepted well over a half million dollars on his wife’s behalf while he was in charge of the Hillary Clinton email scandal! His wife was running for public office as a Democrat and LOST. See tweet below. 

President Trump then tweeted that McCabe had the nerve to announce his retirement! McCabe should be FIRED. And no longer be the Deputy Director of the FBI! There are too many HONEST law enforcement men and women who ARE NOT CORRUPT that should be considered for that well regarded position. See tweet below. 

McCabe the snake should not be allowed to retire and slither away and get off scot-free. Let’s do our part and call our congressmen and let them know we are not buying the left media claim that McCabe is innocent in all of this. And neither is Comey!

Do NOT fall for the media idea that what McCabe did was OK…it is NOT and it is an OUTRAGE. It is very important in a constitutional republic or democracy that the DOJ and FBI have the utmost credibility and the confidence of the people

The unethical, egregious behavior by the Obama-era appointees compromised the respect that the FBI and DOJ should command from United States citizens.  Call your congressmen and let them know! Click HERE.

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  3. If you ask me, every FBI agent in Washington should be fired and face charges.. they all knew what Comey was doing! and now McCabe! The FBI is A JOKE! So Isnt every other agency / Department.. they all need to be fired and replace.. any one in any agency / department before Trump became President needs to go!

  4. Colleen Brown | December 30, 2017 at 10:16 AM |

    He should be Fired not retired on our dime when will all this stop it is so deep into our Government

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