Trump Kicks Off His Tuesday By Delivering The Best Economic News In Years

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President Trump’s pledge to Make America Great Again has been widely criticized and doubted by many of his opposition, including one of his biggest critics of all, Former President Barack Obama.

While making his campaign promise to strengthen our economy and bring jobs back to America, Obama mocked Trump and said it’s impossible and would literally take a ‘magic wand’ for it to happen. Obama has since eaten major crow since making such ridiculous remarks, as President Trump has not only brought millions of jobs back, but our economy is witnessing some of the best days in years.

With a striking 4% GDP and the stock market up over 5000 points this year alone, the President has plenty to toot his own horn about. And that’s exactly what he did this morning. Check it out, President Trump said:


There is nothing wrong with touting such an accomplishment, especially after all of the criticism he continues to receive, even after making miracles happen! The DOW was just under 20,000 points when President Trump took office and now it is nearing 25,000 points! Amazing!

While the mainstream news continues to belittle and pick apart our President for things such as drinking Diet Coke, the rest of America is celebrating! We finally have a President who is sticking up for the American people and doing exactly what he said he would do. It’s a win-win situation.

How would you rate the President’s job so far? Comment your response and please Share the good news everywhere. We leave you with Obama doubting Trump.

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  1. Marylee Tharp | December 19, 2017 at 7:02 AM |

    I am 79years old and in my lifetime Trump shines like a blazing star as far as a president goes!! This country sure did need him in a big way after 8 years of lies and corruption all through the gov! God Bless Trump in all he does and God Bless America!! P.S. my IRA has NEVER looked so great!!! Thank you, Sir!!

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