After Taylor Swift Touts 2017 As A Good Year, The Left Loses Their Minds

Feature photo credit to Dagger News screen captures. Taylor Swift is attacked by lefties for being apolitical.Feature photo credit to Dagger News screen captures. Taylor Swift is attacked by lefties for being apolitical.

Taylor Swift: The ultimate feminist! And the left rages against her! Why? Because she’s too white and won’t speak out about politics. Because she failed to go political in the 2016 General election. She should be admired for that. She decided people would rather enjoy her music and didn’t really want to know her politics. She was right. The most Taylor did was ask people to go out and VOTE. This caused the left to have a meltdown!

Photo credit to Marie Claire Instagram. Taylor Swift profile.

Photo credit to Marie Claire Instagram. Taylor Swift profile.

Dear Taylor Swift, thanks for NOT telling me about your politics, Fox News

In the article by the above name and as quoted by Robert’s from Marie Claire:

I’m a fan of old movies, but I never say to myself “I wonder if Fred Astaire supported Roosevelt?” or “I wonder if Audrey Hepburn favored economic reform?” I don’t know the answers to these questions, because back then stars generally kept their beliefs to themselves. But, more importantly, I don’t care what they thought about those issues. What I care about, and what most people care about when it comes to celebrities, is how well they entertain us. Having them lecture us on how to vote is not entertaining – in fact, it tends to get in the way of entertainment.”

Last month, the ACLU attacked Taylor. Why? Because a very unknown blogger in California wrote a piece on Swift comparing her to Hitler and white supremacy. And Swift responded by sending the blogger a legal iteration that was not her personal stance. And the ACLU got involved and

“The organization [ACLU] sent Swift’s legal team a strongly worded letter denouncing her threat to sue a California blogger who, without any evidence, accused the singer of supporting the white supremacy movement. The ACLU made the letter public on Tuesday.“This is a completely unsupported attempt to suppress constitutionally protected speech,” ACLU of Northern California attorney Michael Risher told Entertainment Weekly.” Of course, this was posted by the Washington Post and they had a correction in their article : Correction: An original version of this post stated the ACLU sent its letter on Oct. 25. It was sent on Nov. 6. The post has been updated to reflect this.”

This is what Taylor said that set the left off this time:

And more recently, Taylor was attacked by the lefties because she said: “I couldn’t have asked for a better year, all thanks to you.” 

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Really? That’s all it took?

The left went ballistic on her. New York Magazine instantly attacked her and said “Congrats to the now 28-year-old Taylor Swift for being the only person who seemed to enjoy 2017.” Newsflash New York Magazine! There were more than 63 million Americans who enjoyed 2017!  H/T Louder with Crowder

And Billboard joined in on the beat-Taylor-up bandwagon for being apolitical. Read the comments. The left is completely relentless.

This sums up how the hard core left loses their mind because Taylor Swift won’t go political!

Keep Your Head Held High, Taylor, Deplorable’s Have Your Back.

If you think Taylor Swift is doing it right by wanting to be apolitical, drop a comment below and let us know. As for the rest of Hollywood, entertain us, we really don’t want to know your politics!

(Feature photo credit to Dagger News screen captures. Taylor Swift is attacked by lefties for being apolitical.)