Before Alabama Votes, Judge Issues ONE Final Order That Has Dems In PANIC MODE

A major Alabama Election game-changer was announced early Monday that has potential election manipulators FREAKING OUT!

According to

A judge directed Alabama election officials Monday afternoon to preserve all digital ballot images in Tuesday’s hotly contested U.S. Senate special election. The order granting a preliminary injunction was filed at 1:36 p.m. Monday – less than 24 hours before voting is to begin. The order came in response to a lawsuit filed Thursday on behalf of four Alabama voters who argued that the state is required to maintain the images under state and federal law.

Montgomery County Circuit Judge Roman Ashley Shaul ordered the following:

“All counties employing digital ballot scanners in the Dec. 12, 2017 election are hereby ordered to set their voting machines to save all processed images in order to preserve all digital ballot images…After hearing arguments and reviewing the filings, it appears that Plaintiffs and similarly situated voters would suffer irreparable and immediate harm if digital ballot images are not preserved.” 

The full legal documents can be found at’s article HERE.

In Alabama, digital ballots (digitized paper ballots) are normally destroyed after an election according to’s report. But the Judge’s order, coming on the eve of the election will change this from happening. Destroying digital ballots makes way for hacking an election to be more feasible.

With reports of George Soros already trying to find ways to rig the outcome of Alabama’s election in favor of Doug Jones, this decision by the judge can be considered an early win for Roy Moore.

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  1. Barbara Wall | December 12, 2017 at 7:03 AM |

    yeah…because Patriots know that there has been voter fraud in US elections…hopefully, the BS #’s of 20% increase in absentee ballots will also fall under the scrutiny of the Alabama election commission.

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