When Asked By A Child For Her Christmas Wish, Melania Gives A Fascinating Response

Ever since President Trump sacrificed his billionaire lifestyle to Make America Great Again, he and his family have been subjects of brutal attacks by the media, celebrities and politicians alike. It has been quite a difficult transition for Melania, as she somehow continues to raise Barron despite being unfairly targeted every day by opponents of her husband’s policies.

As Christmas is approaching, Melania has done a number of things to help show America that CHRISTMAS IS BACK. Melania recently visited the Children’s National Hospital in Washington and was asked a series of questions by the children, involving Christmas. One child asked Melania what her Christmas wish was. And her response was quite stunning:

When asked by 10-year old Andy what her Christmas wish is, Melania responded:

I would spend my holidays on a deserted island, a tropical island, with my family.”

Watch it below:

You can’t help but applaud such a response from Melania, whose family is constantly under the lime light and painted negatively by the media. A break to a deserted island could be exactly what they all need!

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Main Image Source: NBC Twitter ScreenGrab

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  1. Great wish for Christmas. I have never witnessed such evil people attacking the president of the USA and his family. I’m so sorry yall have had to live with such disrespect.
    Merry Christmas to you and our first Family!

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