Swamp Creatures Forced To Eat Crow After New Judge Moore Study

(Feature photo by screen capture - Study Focus Group. Birmingham, AL)(Feature photo by screen capture - Study Focus Group. Birmingham, AL)

Vice News Tonight is an HBO special. And Frank Luntz, is a pollster who usually organizes GOP focus study groups. It then aired on HBO on December 8th. The focus group gathered at a Birmingham coffee shop, and this is what SHOCKED Frank Luntz. Every single one of the dozen focus group participants were immune from the massive media attack on Judge Roy Moore. FULL video below. The attack was on Judge Roy Moore from 30-40 years ago. This is what one of the study members said:

“My grandmother, at 13, was married. At 15, [she] had two children and a husband and a job. If Roy Moore was guilty, if he was at the mall hitting on this 14-year-old, 40 years ago in Alabama, there’s a lot of mamas and daddies who would be thrilled that their 14-year-old was getting hit on by a district attorney.”

Luntz appeared visibly stunned. It does not appear Luntz was prepared for the open candor of Alabamians. And clearly, spends more time with swamp creatures than regular Americans. The American’s that Trump clearly loves. And wants to help by building a better economy.

A moment later, another member spoke up and said. “I dated an older man at 16. So we don’t, really.“ Luntz interrupted her to ask “How old was he?” The focus group member replied, “Thirty-one.”  Not exactly what Luntz was hoping for, since that’s the same age group Moore was in at the time of the allegation. The member continued, “I’m not going to say that the 14-year-old…I don’t believe her, to be honest, the one that says she was 14, I don’t believe her. But for all of us, as a woman, I think we all have pretty much been in the situation where there’s been sexual harassment.”

Luntz then took this opportunity to introduce to her the ideology of the “me too” crowd. And with great condemnation coupled with shock said, “Think about what you’re saying. You’re calling all nine of those women liars. Nine women. When it happened to you, did you want people to trust you?”

Then the study group member shot back with some truth. She said, “I never told anybody. And if I was going to tell somebody, I would not have waited 38 years to tell it. I would…that’s what’s mind-boggling. Why wait until now, at an election, to come forward and say ‘oh’?”

This is the crux of the entire smear campaign. People who can see what the left was trying to do. Later in the study, Luntz tried, to no avail, compare Trump and Clinton and Moore. It didn’t work.

A group member said “Roy Moore is not a miserable man. This man has more integrity than you can find in the entire Congress right now. Don’t fall for the George Soros assassination plan.” Another member agreed and said, “The truth is will come out. These women are all going to be proven . Just like the 16 that went against President Trump, just right before the election.”

Luntz chose this opportunity to ask “What about the accusers of Bill Clinton?” And the group member replied, “The accusers of Clinton, everybody knows he’s a womanizer.”  And then Luntz said something that is exactly opposite of what the study group was trying to tell him, Luntz asked, “But people think the same thing about Roy Moore.”

And one of the members spoke up and said, “But with Bill Clinton, they went to the courthouse and they filed papers. They didn’t wait 40 years to do it. That’s a huge difference than just going to the media only just six weeks before an election.”

And THAT comment put an end to the media slant that Trump, Clinton and Moore are all on an equal playing field. They’re not. And we hope the GOP swamp and the DNC are listening.

Watch the FULL VIDEO below. Swamp ideology Vs. Common Sense Americans

Do you think Judge Roy Moore is going to win Alabama?

(Feature photo by screen capture – Judge Roy Moore, Study Focus Group. Birmingham, AL)

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