WATCH: Meghan McCain DOMINATES In A Fake News Battle-Royal on The View

Feature Photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News. Meghan McCain on The View.)Feature Photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News. Meghan McCain on The View.)

On Friday, Joy Behar of The View jumped too fast to report Fake News and Meghan McCain put The View on a supercharged ‘battle-royal’. No matter what you think of her Dad, Meghan McCain handed The View and Joy their you-know-whats! Wait until you see what Meghan laid out for them. The View was eating so much crow, they won’t need Christmas dinner! (Scroll below for the video)

As a quick back story, Brian Ross at ABC News erroneously made a fake news story when Flynn admitted to lying under oath. CBS reported “ABC News reporter Brian Ross, who is currently suspended without pay, will no longer cover stories involving President Trump following his erroneous report last Friday about former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The network confirmed Tuesday the order by ABC News President James Goldston. Goldston expressed his anger over the error on an internal phone call to staff that was leaked to CNN. ABC declined a request by the Associated Press to make Goldston available for an interview Tuesday.”

What you see in the video below is the corrected ABC version of Brian Ross’s Story.

As a response to The View’s willingness to report Fake News, Meghan put them on BLAST. She threw every single one of these biased liberal’s to the mat if they DARED to interrupt her! Meghan didn’t mess around. She certainly did not hold back while she schooled them in a confident and calm conservative style!  Absolutely fantastic! Without question!

The following is a transcription of Meghan’s ‘battle-royal’ to the dishonest leftist View gang! (Scroll to the bottom for the full video below)

“I have a lot of the things to say… about this. When it happened in real time, I think everyone who was watching the show could see my discomfort, at the room, erupting like the Dodgers had just won the World Series. Because I do think holding people to both standards. I remember when Obama was in office, Rush Limbaugh saying ‘I want my president to fail’. And coming out and saying, I could never get behind that because if our President fails it means America fails. I feel the same way about Trump.  I think if we are celebrating a breach of National Security, something that is SO egregious, that I said this on Friday. It’s going to tear our Country apart.  There is no need to be cheering and celebrating. To each their own. Whatever.

I will say on the  fake news note of this. I went to a Christmas party over the weekend. It is no secret most of my friends are in conservative media. I feel a lot like I’m an Astronaut, from a different planet, come here, to try and explain both worlds to each other.  That’s how different I feel on this show sometimes. And I will say that fake news and what we did on Friday, that’s what I was accused of being a part of and I don’t want to sit on a show where I feel like we’re giving fake news or reacting irresponsibly.

Because the cut and short of it is, no matter what happens, by the way, I think this is far from over. We should take the information we have and take it in time and explain it to people. Having one piece of information which ended up being fake news, in my opinion, it doesn’t mean that an impeachment trial will start this evening. 

I don’t think it was deliberate, but I think it was fake news. The Dow dropped 350 points after it happened. There are real-life ramifications. But I am just saying. But it was fake news. And then the dow dropped.

Let me just say one more thing, 71% of Alabama voters  don’t believe that Roy Moore… they don’t believe  the news about Roy Moore being a child molester.  No matter how many people have come out to say it. That’s a complete and total distrust and lack of responsibility on the media’s part – let me tell you. No they distrust the media’s take on this  – there’s such a distrust in our journalists right now. That they don’t believe what they are saying. Because when on election day, the day after,  you have a bunch of people going on TV demanding impeachment. The day after, you would think and I think this way. That there is a liberal bias that doesn’t matter what happens. You just want to take down Trump. No matter what happens. And no matter what happens to the Country.”

WATCH the Video Below as Meghan puts The View on BLAST.

SLAM DUNK, Meghan-  a’la Sarah style! She kept the crew under her thumb the same way Sarah Sanders Huckabee handles the press briefings at the White House! To watch Sarah handle the press even while feeling un-well, click HERE.  If you are proud of Meghan as she was pinning The View down to the ground. Drop a note in comments! We would like to hear what you think!

(Feature Photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News. Meghan McCain on The View.)