Despite Being Under the Weather, Watch Sarah Single-Handedly CONQUER The Media

(Feature Photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News. Sarah Sanders vs. the Media)(Feature Photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News. Sarah Sanders vs. the Media)
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, even while not feeling well, can still handle The Media like a BOSS! She was tough and savvy and had some incredible zingers! Below you will see her handle the media like a warmed knife slicing through butter!

It started with Major Garrett of CBS asking the same question five times regarding a strange conspiracy theory about a global spy network. What Sara had to say at the end will keep you laughing!

And at one point, just after the third question which he thought he was cleverly rephrasing, Major actually made Sarah laugh! Is Major really the finest that CBS can bring to the White House press corp? She was finally able to put his conspiracy theory aside with great aplomb and great instinct! She calmly replied like a pro after Major’s second feeble attempt:

“I’m not aware of any plans for anything like that moving forward. I haven’t done a full survey of every member of the administration. But I can tell you as of right now that is not something that is currently being planned and not something that I am aware is moving forward in any capacity. Again, I am not going to answer every hypothetical for every single member …did some random person come in off the street and say something? I don’t know, Major.

Watch the video below as Sarah calmly answers the same question five times from the CBS media representative.

Next up to bat, you will see as Sarah sets the record straight to April Ryan of CNN media. April had the audacity to suggest that the White House was pro slavery! Will April ever free herself from the same “racist racist racist” card that CNN and the other leftists media outlets continue to throw out there? Maybe they will figure out that American’s aren’t picking up the card that they are throwing down!

April Ryan, a CNN media rep pulled the “race card” and Sarah had ZERO part of it! Watch the video below when Sarah said:

“I think he [President Trump] got his statement very clear when he condemned all forms of racism, bigotry, and violence. There’s no gray area there…”

One right after the other, Sarah handles each of them, as if they are hard of hearing by constantly having to repeat herself. At one point, Hallie Jackson of NBC media outlet asked, quite angrily, about President Trump’s tweet regarding General Flynn. She rephrased the question five times. And Sarah, with the patience of Job finally smacked her down. Watch as Sarah sets Hallie straight! This is what Sarah said:

“And I am telling you as a statement of fact that you should contact John Dowd. It doesn’t seem THAT hard.”

 Watch the video below as Sarah puts Hallie of NBC media in her place!

Watch the video below as Sarah tackles the media! One right after the other!

The biggest news of the Press Briefing is that President Trump will be making comments on the potential move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem tomorrow. Palestine is mad. Too bad. And France and Saudi are on the Palestinians side it appears from reports from Fox News. Click HERE to read why the move is so controversial. Will President Trump be the first President in over 20 years to move the Embassy back to Jerusalem? We will find out tomorrow!

If you think Sarah did an outstanding job today, even though she was still under the weather as evidenced by her cough during the presser and as she left the briefing, give us a shout out below in comments! Do you think the media will ever figure out that a question does NOT have to be asked five times in a row? Do you think that they will figure out that Sarah will give them the SAME answer?

(Feature Photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News. Sarah Sanders vs. the Media)

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