WATCH: All Hell Breaks Loose As Bill Clinton Is Called A Rapist on Live TV

CNN host Kate Bolduan and conservative commentator Ed Martin went back and forth in a contentious argument on Monday while discussing what Martin considered to be hypocritical coverage of Roy Moore.

Martin pointed out how CNN has covered President Trump’s endorsement in a very negative way since the President warmed up to the Republican candidate for Alabama’s senate seat. Martin called out the network for their biased twist and slammed CNN for not suggesting Al Franken resign, as they are often heard by panelists suggesting Roy Moore step aside. And his argument set Bolduan off, forcing her to say the word “ass” on live TV. WATCH as the argument heats up:

Tensions were raised even higher when Martin claimed:

Hillary wants a left-winger like the Democrat down there, I want a Conservative. I think the people of Alabama are going to decide. One last thing — if Hillary thinks it’s okay to use the term ‘child molester’ for a guy accused of someone and never convicted –

Bolduan, looking visibly stunned by the statement tried to counter but it was too late! Martin continued despite Bolduan trying to silence him:

I’d like to hear what she will say about Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is accused of rape so, we will call Bill Clinton a rapist.

Bolduan didn’t appear to negate what Martin said and awkwardly simmered down. Hilary Rosen ended the back and forth saying that she was likely going to be in trouble for the exchanges that took place and the discussion ended. WATCH Below:

It’s NEVER a dull moment when a conservative battles a liberal host on CNN!

Do you think Ed Martin made a valid point? Shoukd the media let the voters decide in Alabama instead of twisting it? Comment your thoughts below and share this!

Main Photo: Youtube ScreenGrab