Sara Carter Reveals BOMBSHELL That Implicates Mueller, Comey, McCabe & Rosenstein

The truth continues to pour out and everything is making more and more sense with every passing day. The investigation into President Trump’s campaign could really be the result of actual crimes committed by those who are investigating him! That’s exactly what Sara Carter suggested on a recent episode of Hannity and it’s very scary to think about, however it makes complete sense!

Carter was asked about connections between members of the FBI and the controversial Uranium One Deal. When asked if the FBI had knowledge of the deal before it happened, Carter sent shock waves across the spectrum of anyone viewing the program! Video Below

Carter said that the Russian trucking company that purchased and moved uranium as part of the deal was already under investigation before the deal was made! That means Comey, Mueller, McCabe and Rosenstein, who were all high-ranking FBI officials, allowed a Russian firm that was already involved in bribery and kickbacks to move the dangerous uranium material outside of the U.S. Carter implicated all 4 powerful FBI officials at the time. Watch below:

This new revelation is very troubling as the same people involved in potential criminal acts involving Russia, have everything to do with the fact that Trump is being investigated for ties to Russia. One of the former FBI officials, Mueller, is actually heading the investigation against Trump. It’s scary, isn’t it?!

The entire Russia investigation against Trump’s campaign stemmed from a fake Russian dossier financed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Hillary’s ties to FBI officials who brought on the investigation on Trump should be reason enough to investigate the investigation! Especially after new knowledge of Uranium One are out in the open. This is getting crazier and crazier as facts keep getting exposed.

Is the investigation against President Trump a result of a secret coup? If not, is the investigation against President Trump a conflict of interest because of the individuals involved in Uranium One? Should special counsel Mueller be removed? Comment your thoughts below and share this since no other news network is talking about it!

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17 Comments on "Sara Carter Reveals BOMBSHELL That Implicates Mueller, Comey, McCabe & Rosenstein"

  1. Prakash Jagmohan | December 4, 2017 at 8:29 AM |

    All that investigation is trap set for Trump by Rodstien to appoint Muller and try to avoid hillary investigation and try to trap Trump I dont see why this is contineuing So much of learn people in America and allowing this what is Sessions doing allowing them to spread thier claws like cancer and corrupt people minds in believeing them

  2. They all need to be tried for treason right along with H. Clinton and Obama. Not tomorrow, but today…

  3. This needs to stop. Mueller is part of the FBI connected to selling the Uranium to Russia. He was in it with Hillary. The FBI did not look out for America’s best interests. Why would any of those involved be allowed to investigate anything else. They cannot he trusted. They are covering their own corruption up.

  4. There was no video to watch! Go Sarah, it’s about time someone started standing up for Pres. Trump.

  5. Is there absofknlutely no one in government who cannot be bought? Are they all prostitutes who would sell their firstborn for a dollar and a pat on the back, with hopes of more dastardly deeds to follow? Is their no one anymore that takes an oath on the bible, who cares more about country and less about greed and money?

  6. Jeff sessions needs do his job this is obstructing justice

  7. Daniel foster | December 4, 2017 at 12:28 PM |

    A totally Corrupt FBI & DOJ a disgrace to Democracy

  8. All 4. Should be out of work and be prosecuted for knowingly investigating PRESIDENT TRUMP knowing it was them all along such a miscarriage of justice. Evilly sickening.

  9. everyone should go to Freedom Watch Usa . org and sign the petition there and also read the lawsuit filed against Mueller last Monday!

  10. Eleanor F. Hall | December 4, 2017 at 5:18 PM |


  11. john s duprey | December 4, 2017 at 7:41 PM |

    WTF they all need to go to jail and the President will say once again I told you so jd ds

  12. I hope AG Sessions and Trump kept any and all evidence against HRC, Mueller, Comey, and Rosenstein, etc. involved in Uranium One and God only knows what other corrupt activities. Mueller is nothing more than a Hitler brownshirt trying to set up Trump for impeachment. Hope America sees the light before 11/2018!!!

  13. Jolyn Rebecca Snider | December 5, 2017 at 4:38 AM |

    The Plot Clots as my fiance keeps saying….. Now stop and think for a second… WHY is Mueller still “investigating” ?? I would have cut and run for the hills if MY team was found to be involved in all this stuff that I’d been hired to actually hide. But this is just MY opinion. What’s the goal of Mueller at this point? WHY is he still going on with this investigation, knowing full well it’s “going south” ????????? Makes me wonder who’s side he’s really on.

    JUST a thought… and strictly MY opinion….

  14. Kenneth Fletcher | December 5, 2017 at 10:48 AM |

    I have been following this Ever since Our great president was elected. After reading this story here Implicating a Russian trucking company I have to wonder if this uranium that’s not supposed to go out of our country isn’t being trucked out of the country by the said Russian company. I guess we will find out as time goes on.Mueller and the rest of his cronies should be removed from this case and they should be investigate.

  15. Never Obama Or Hillary! | December 6, 2017 at 6:54 PM |

    Just how bad is this deep state. I do not understand why Jeff Session’s is not doing his job in getting rid of these
    corrupt individuals. If he is not going to do his job then he should be removed. Hopefully Nunes and Trey
    Gawdy will get to the bottom of all this corruptness, something has to give. This country has never been worst off before this last administration. It’s time for the american people to get answers for all that is going on. Not to mention the 6.5 million Mueller just put on us, the tax payers. How dare they- just to cover up their own corruptness!!!!!

  16. Sessions is way over his head. He needs to be replaced very soon. We need a Junkyard Dog to get to the bottom of what is clearly corruption in the DoJ and FBI. Mueller’s sham investigation must be shut down immediately. Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Weissmann, McCabe et al MUST be dismissed. All of them are part of the Deep State and each has many conflicts of interest. Also, they can’t be trusted. They are all corrupt. They should be investigated for the dirty deeds they have participated in – and there are a lot of them. Sessions is not up to the job, so he must resign or be fired. He has a duty to get to the bottom of all of the shady machinations. We need a junkyard dog to get in there and root out all of the corruption, and Sessions is not a junkyard dog. He’s a Southern gentleman. That ain’t going to cut it.

  17. I just want to see justice prevail and for the government to return to being trustworthy again and that means they all need to go to prison otherwise a lot of time and taxpayer money has been wasted on a reality television show

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