BOOM! Pres Trump Just Dropped MOAB On NFL Heard Around AMERICA

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The NFL is sinking quick into a swamp of liberal cesspool and deep doo doo, losing fans on the way that will never look back. Americans love this country and what it represents more than the over-paid, privileged drama queens who are disrespecting the National Anthem and American flag.

On Thanksgiving, the NFL proved once again their disloyalty to America. NY Giants defensive lineman Olivier Vernon knelt during the National Anthem while a Master Sergeant of the United States Army sang, and the NFL sat idly by letting him get away with it.

It’s not too hard to imagine that a lot of people probably turned the game off after seeing that; that is, if they turned it on in the first place.

You didn’t think we’d get through Thanksgiving with no anthem protests did you? If you did, you quite possibly haven’t been watching a lot of football this year.

Dan Scavino Jr., President Trump’s social media director pointed out Vernon’s shameful act, and tweeted a post saying, “While @NFL rating continue to plummet… Not so Thankful: @Giants @OlivierVernon54 Kneels During the National Anthem on Thanksgiving Day (while a Master Sergeant of the United States Army sings) at FedEx Field…” Scavino also attaching an article from Breitbart.

Following Scavino’s  post, President Trump took notice and re-tweeted Scavino’s post along with slamming the NFL and Goodell by adding, “Can you believe that the disrespect for our Country, our Flag, our Anthem continues without penalty to the players. The Commissioner has lost control of the hemorrhaging league. Players are the boss!”

Scavino’s tweet:

President Trump’s tweet:

President Trump and Dan Scavino are 100% correct! The NFL is a national embarrassment and disgrace. No longer does the “NFL” hold it’s meaning of “National Football League.” We like to say NFL now stands for “NO FANS LEFT.”


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