Malia Obama Got Caught Doing Something That Won’t Make Her Parents Very Happy

Malia Obama was recently spotted before the game between Harvard and Yale in New Haven, CT.

Malia was doing what most college students do before a football game…pregaming, tailgating and having a good time with friends. An unknown source, however, recognized Malia and captured her doing some things that her parents probably wish not to see.

Malia was hanging out with some mystery guy and they both seemed to be in their Harvard garb. The pair chatted for a bit and then this happened:

Yea, whoopty doo!… right? Just 2 college kids having fun and making out… but that’s not all! Malia was also caught smoking, which we all know Michelle Obama despises as Barack was a smoker and she couldn’t stand it. Check out this picture as provided BY TMZ:

Malia Smoking at Harvard/Yale Game as Published by TMZ

This isn’t the first time Malia was caught smoking. In 2016 she was caught on camera smoking pot at 2016 Lollapalooza, as shown below.

Malia Smoking Pot at 2016 Lollapalooza – NY Post

It sure would be interesting being a fly on the wall when Michelle and Barack Obama confront their daughter about the latest media floating around on her.