Rosie ATTACKS Scalise In The Most Hateful Way & Quickly Gets Put In Her Place

Tax reform passed the House in what was one of the biggest GOP victories to date since President Trump took office.

Republicans were celebrating, while others, such as Rosie O’Donnell felt defeated. The passing of tax reform clearly got under Rosie’s skin and it showed when she openly took out her disgust by going on a politically laced tirade on social media.

Rosie turned her eyes on Steve Scalise, the Rep. who was shot by a gunman only a few months ago, and slammed his victory statements soon after the House passed the reform.

Here is one of the statements titled “Make America Competitive Again” where Scalise touts the passed tax reform and brings up the importance of competitiveness:

Rosie didn’t like Scalise speaking highly about the tax reform on Twitter, so she responded, “U f***ing liar!” Rosie then got confronted by another Twitter user sarcastically calling Rosie “classy and Rosie doubled down on her comment about Scalise, and she said “damn him to hell.” See below:

Scalise then killed Rosie with kindness by simply responding, “Bless your heart!” And that set Rosie off even more. She called him an “a**hole and asked that he finds morality, decency and other things, finishing off with “damn it Steve.”

Rosie and Steve’s back and forth was all part of a day filled with entertainment and glory, for those on the right.

Al Franken was disgraced by skeletons in his closet after grope-pics surfaced, House Republicans passed the tax bill, Sarah Sanders buried another reporter, and several on the left didn’t know how to react and were clearly outraged…Rosie being the poster child for that aspect.

What was your favorite part of the day in politics? Comment below!