Ivanka Turns Heads With Her Strong Stance on the Roy Moore Controversey

More and more accusers of Roy Moore are coming forward and it’s taking a huge toll on the GOP hopeful’s bid for Senate minute by minute. Reports have surfaced that at least 3 more women are alleging Roy Moore engaged in sexual relations while they were minors.

The RNC and NRSC have already pulled their funding for Moore as several Republicans have called on Moore to step aside and are now looking for the President to intervene. Although the President has stayed overall mum, his daughter, Ivanka Trump has issued her first statement about the matter and it is definitely not doing any justice for Roy Moore’s downward spiral.

Per FOX News, Ivanka Trump released a statement saying:

There’s a special place in Hell for people who prey on children. I’ve yet to see a valid explanation and have no reason to doubt the victims’ accounts.

Here’s a video on the statement:

WOW! If that’s how Ivanka feels, it’s only a strong hint of how President Trump feels and likely means Roy Moore will not get much support from the White House while trying to stay in the race for a much-needed Senate victory for the Republican Party.

Do you think it’s time for Roy Moore to step aside? Comment your thoughts below!

(Feature Photo: CBS)

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  1. necessitywhichconstrains | November 16, 2017 at 11:00 AM |

    Yesterday the lawyer for Moore said that there has been a demand placed that the yearbook be produced, not just displayed on the internet. There is a desire to check if the ink is old or just freshly put on paper. Also, the way the name was signed is not his signature. The lawyer thinks it was copied from a divorce decree Moore presided over, and the assistant signed. The assistant used her initials D.A., and the forger thought that her initials were part of the signature. We need to examine the evidence that right now is just being displayed on the internet. Other parts of their stories are falling apart under examination. I believe Roy Moore

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