Alabama Attorney Gives Don Lemon The BEST Nickname EVER!

(Feature photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News)

It’s no secret that Judge Roy Moore was the subject of a Washington Post smear piece last Thursday morning, Nov 9th. Just 30 days before a special election. Click here to read the article where he was accused of dating underaged girls 40 years ago. The Alabama voters, in general do not seem to trust DC or the Washington Post according to the polls taken before and after the Washington Post article. Click here to see results of the two polls showing only 2/10’s of a percentage point decline in Moore’s numbers, two days after the smear. And Moore (R) still carries a double digit lead over Jones (D) in the special election scheduled for Dec 12th.

The attorney for Roy Moore, Trenton Garmon, was a guest on the Don Lemon show. Don launched into questions without a welcome and Mr. Garmon responded to his lack of etiquette:

Lemon: “…action against the Washington Post on behalf of Roy Moore for another story they published but I wanted to ask you about these new allegations of sexual misconduct.”

Garmon: “Yeah man, it’s great to be… on here Don. I appreciate it. Hoping to give you the name “easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? Take it easy on me.

It was great to hear Garmon get under Lemon’s skin! Check out the icy look Lemon gives him in the video below. The Attorney is with the Foundation for Moral Law, and is on the case of the previous Washington Post article and the prior accusations. Mr. Garmon had this to say later in the interview:

“I have known Roy my whole life and I believe there is no better man.”

The Attorney was under the impression they were there to talk about the previous article Washington Post had written about Roy Moore. But Don only wanted to know about the second misrepresentation the Washington Post had written about Moore. Attorney Garmon did say that a letter has gone to the Washington Post and they have not responded regarding the second allegations levied against him. Watch the video below for the hilarious nickname:

Do you think the allegations against Roy Moore are founded ? Let us know below in the comments section!

(Feature Photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News)