Biden Makes A Confident Prediction of Who Will Beat Trump in 2020

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Joe Biden has found the answer to pulling off the Democratic win in 2020! He knows exactly who should run in order to trounce the incumbent President Trump and go for the win!

And wait until you see who his pick is!


It is…none other than….himself!


Politico reported:

“Many Democrats are wary about pegging the future of the party with Biden, who will be 77 by 2020, the oldest potential candidate in the field other than Bernie Sanders. Though a clutch player in both Obama campaigns, he has proved to be bad at running for president himself, and would likely be facing a raucous and crowded primary full of candidates determined not to step aside and repeat the Hillary Clinton coronation.”

Have you heard the saying:  “A picture is worth a thousand words”?  Please enjoy the following photographs of our former Vice President with the children of America.

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IF Biden runs for 2020…will you vote for him over Trump 2020? Sound off in comments below. We want to hear what you think!

(Feature Photo by screen capture and Dagger News)

3 Comments on "Biden Makes A Confident Prediction of Who Will Beat Trump in 2020"

  1. Even though there are some ??US citizens??

    who more than likely believe that joe biden is the liberal to truly contend

    with President TRUMP and win

    NOT going happen

    though joe biden is welcome try

    then his try, is all it will be

    because joe biden will not have my US vote
    Amen & Amen!!!

  2. Well said and agree!

  3. Joe Biden is a predator,he has to put his hands on every kid that doesn’t run from him,he is that man in the car in your neighborhood trying to get you kids in his car.Don’t do this to America again,we already had a gay idiot in the white house named Obama,how can you do this to this country ,open your eyes for your childrens sake .Just listen to what his secret service has to say about him ,messing with their wives,secret service have wanted to knock his block off,you will hear more about this,this is not a made up story,consider what image you want for America,he is unfit to be a leader of any sort,he is not good ,put him away if anything away from families he has already dealt with for touch daughter’s and wives,he”s done this before and he will continue to do gave been warned…

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