Mika Calls People Who Don’t Want Gun Control “Cowards”

WOW. Apparently, Mika Brezezinski, of the “Morning Joe” show has been hitting the bottle again! Her overt statement alienates over 80 million Americans who own guns out of 245 million who are over the age of 18 per the U.S. Census.

And they are supporters of the Second Amendment. And Mika had the nerve to say 2A Constitution supporters are “COWARDS”. Oh boy….did she open a can of worms! This is what Mika said from partial transcription:

“For those who say after every shooting — which is practically every day — and mass shooting practically every month if not twice a month, ‘Oh, it’s too soon. Oh, it’s too soon.’ Really? We’re not safe at school. We’re not safe in church. We’re not safe at concerts. Like exactly when can we have this conversation? YOU’RE COWARDS.”

To hear Mika say it in her own words, cruise on over to the 12:00 minute mark in the video below:

With the small town of Sutherland Springs, Texas still reeling from the traumatic mass shooting in their church…Mika wasted no time in politicizing the event. And then insulting over a third of Americans. Drop your thoughts on the subject below and let us know what you think about the Second Amendment.

(Feature Photo Credit to Huffington Post)