NY Halloween Terror Attack Leaves 8 Dead! Look What Driver Yelled!

The NYPD has the perpetrator in custody. He rented a van at a  Home Depot in Jersey City per Rick Leventhal on Fox as reported by AP.  He is the apparent suspect accused of ramming into people and a bus on a bike path in lower Manhattan. There are 8 people currently confirmed dead and a dozen injured.

Rick described it as a “scene of horror” and said he hit a school bus with the van, got out with two weapons – one has been said to be a BB Gun and the other a paint ball gun. James O’Neill said he had two hand guns and a BB Gun and pain ball gun were recovered at the scene. Officers shot the suspect and he is expected to survive. The NYPD has one suspect under arrest after the incident in lower Manhatten.

Fox reported it as a terror attack. Several confirmed sources have said he shouted “Allah Akbar” and was then taken down by the police. The FBI are now on the scene.

Police in NYC give update on incident in lower Manhattan:

  • James O’ Neill NYPD commissioner spoke first
  • Loss of innocent life today
  • Fast response of LEO and introduced D’Blasio
  • Bill D’Blasio (D) New York City Mayor said:
  • This WAS an act of terror – on innocent lives – based on the info we have – Bill D’Blasio
  • 8 people have lost their lives and a dozen injured 
  • This action was intended to break our spirit and New Yorker’s will never be broken by an act to intimidate us
  • Pray and stay vigilant – if you see something: say something
  • We will keep you posted and as we gain more info and he introduced Gov Andrew Cuomo
  • The innocent lives are in our thoughts and prayers
  • The new terrorist tactic are theses lone wolves who commit acts of terror alone and there is nothing known that this was wider 
  • More police everywhere – in tunnels and airports not because of additional threats but out of vigilance and precautions
  • We’re not going to let them win
  • Thank you to the first responders
  • And to the New Yorkers – be New Yorkers and live your life and don’t let them deter us
  • Terrorist made a statement as he entered the police vehicle and look at the MO
  • Holloween Parade will take off within 90 minutes – Parade will continue

Some of the tweets coming in:

(Feataure photo from New York)