Jerry Jones’ Plan To Save The NFL Has Goodell in PANIC MODE

Woe! Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, has had ENOUGH and has set his sights on the NFL Commissioner and Goodell is definitely in Jerry’s crosshairs!

Last Thursday, there was a conference call as reported by ESPN. There were 17 of the 24 NFL franchises on the call, and Jerry Jones was the leader of the call.

Several issues were discussed, one was the kneeling issue during the National Anthem and the financial downward spiral it is causing. Another issue for the owners was Goodell’s decision to move the San Diego Chargers franchise to Los Angeles, which caused an uproar among the fans. Then another issue is the way Goodell handled the Eziekel Elliot domestic violence case.  After the DA’s office investigated – there were no charges. Goodell took it upon himself to give Eziekel a 6 game suspension.

One of the owners was reported as saying, during the conference call:

“You don’t get to have this many messes over the years like Roger has had and survive it.”

Here’s the kicker. As many of you may know, Goodell has a five year contract extension looming. The contract extension was suppose to be extended this summer and was not and then again in September. The NFL owners would have to agree – all 24 of them in order to oust Goodell. Goodell might be feeling a little bit of pressure.

According to ESPN:

“Despite the unhappiness, this group of owners is skeptical that it will be able to outright fire Goodell, according to sources. The NFL would need 24 owners to approve Goodell’s ouster. But one person involved in this past week’s conference call compared the NFL’s current situation with Goodell to Major League Baseball’s situation with Fay Vincent in September 1992, when baseball owners voted 18-9 to ask him to step down and replace him with Bud Selig.”

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(Feature Photo credit to ESPN screen grab and Dagger News)