The Weinstein Company’s 1st Post-Scandal Release Suffers Embarrassing Results

The Weinstein Company looks to be imploding right before our eyes following the sex scandal involving its owner Harvey Weinstein. Although Weinstein has been fired from his own company, he still has financial ties since he is, of course, its founder.

On Saturday, TWC released “Amityville: The Awakening” to be played at 10 locations, a couple of weeks after they set it up for free streaming on Google Play. And at the end of Saturday, they grossed a slim $742 total between all 10 locations that played the movie, according the The New York Post.

“Amityville: The Awakening,” is a sequel to the 1979 movie “The Amityville Horror”, and was produced by TWC’s Dimension and Blumhouse.

For comparison purposes, the original movie from 1979 grossed $86 million. And the 2005 version grossed $108 million. The 2017 sequel will be lucky to get even a microscopic fraction of that, which is a clear sign of grim days to come at The Weinstein Company. Prior to the release, many suspected The Weinstein Company may be forced to file for bankruptcy.

TWC did not have a comment about the theatrical release.

Here is the trailer for “Amityville: The Awakening:”