Former NFL Player Partners with Vets To Send STRONGEST Message Yet To NFL

(Feature Photo credit to screen grab and Dagger News)

David Michael Vobora is a guy- the kind of guy that’s made out of what real American heroes are made out of. Vobara is former pro-footballer and played with the St.Louis Rams. In the 2008 draft – he was, literally, the final last pick at number 252nd overall. This fact, earned him the title of “Mr. Irrelevant”. Vobara, is anything but irrelevant today.

David Vobora is actively doing something to help heal the chasm between the kneeling Anthem protesters and the pro-Anthem people who believe in standing and respecting the American flag. Vobora comes from a Military family, and because of this – he has a profound understanding of both sides of the issue. Vobora also works with the Adaptive Training Foundation, which helps military veterans recuperate both mentally and physically while giving them a place to hang out with other veterans.

Vobora has made a film called “Dear Flag” that he announced on  Fox & Friends: “The “Dear Flag” film features soldiers and players admitting they felt angry about the protests, which gained steam earlier this fall. However, they hope to reach peace and build bridges with those who disagree. “I used what bothered me about the conversation,” Vobora told “Fox & Friends” on Saturday, explaining that he comes from a military family. “At first the visceral reaction is … like someone cutting you off on the freeway. … Do you let it ruin your day?” The former St. Louis Rams player continued that we should recognize that those who disagree with us are human as well. “For me, look, I will stand, and I will put my hand over my heart. I will pay tribute.” “You don’t build a bridge to meet in the middle. You build a bridge to go to the other person’s side, to check it out. You may not like it … but then you go back to your side and you have … a little bit of perspective,” he said. “Through that maybe we can be humane to humanity.”

Watch the video for “DEAR FLAG” below: 

Vobora also has another campaign and it’s goal is simple. He would like to encourage youth to write down “What the flag means to me“. Parents, it sounds like a great idea and perhaps, sending it to the NFL or to your Team would be a great way for the players to understand how Americans feel about the flag and what it represents to us.

Do you agree that Vobora has done something relevant with his film and his campaign to write a letter to the NFL and Teams to help bridge the divide? Drop a comment below and let us know.

(Feature Photo credit to screen grab and Dagger News)