Anti-Trump Senator Puts Mueller In Check Over Trump/Russia Investigation

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Senator Susan Collins, R-Maine, joins Face the Nation Moderator John Dickerson to discuss the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation. And WOW for an Anti-Trumper like Susan to say in no uncertain terms that she has seen no evidence for collusion is HUGE! And she goes on to say that the dossier payment needs to be further questioned! And did she name the potential “fall guy”? Watch the video below and see the transcripts provided by CBS under the video!

CBS provided transcripts on the questions and Susan Collins’ response:

On Mueller’s Sealed Indictments: 

JOHN DICKERSON: –another Republican, Maine’s Susan Collins. She sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, one of the Congressional committees investigating Russian attempts to influence our elections. Senator, given that experience and the interviews and work you’ve done on that committee, uh what– how do you process this news about sealed indictments from the special counsel?

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS: Well, from the very beginning this investigation has gone along two tracks. One is the independent counsel’s investigation to see if there’s criminal wrongdoing, and it looks like we’re going to find out as early as tomorrow about some indictments in that area. The other has been the Intelligence Committee’s evaluation of the extent of Russian meddling in the last election.

And to try to, along with the independent counsel, answer the question of whether or not there was any collusion between members of President Trump’s campaign team and the Russians. We are having a very interesting hearing this week looking at the Russians’ use of social media to influence the elections and sow the seeds of dissension in our country.

JOHN DICKERSON: Any sign of collusion after all these interviews, all this time?

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS: I have not yet seen any definitive evidence of collusion. I’ve seen lots of evidence that the Russians were very active in trying to influence the election.



On The Dossier And Who Paid For It: 

JOHN DICKERSON: Let me ask you about this so-called dossier, which is information that was gathered of all kinds about Candidate Trump. The Washington Post reported this week that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee donated– paid for part of its creation. John Podesta, the Clinton campaign manager, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz came before the Senate Intelligence Committee and said, “We don’t know who paid for this.” Well, that was before this Washington Post report. Sitting next to Podesta was the lawyer from the Clinton campaign who paid for the report. So these guys need to come back, and sit down, and tell the committee what’s up?

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS: They absolutely need to be recalled. It’s difficult to imagine that a campaign chairman, that the head of the DNC would not know of an expenditure of this magnitude and significance. But perhaps there’s something more going on here. But certainly it’s worth additional questioning of those two witnesses.

JOHN DICKERSON: And uh what about the–

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS: And the lawyer.

JOHN DICKERSON: –campaign lawyer, Benjamin Crump?

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS: Absolutely. He more than anyone.

If you are curious who Benjamin Crump is –  he was the Campaign Lawyer for the 2016 run for Hillary Clinton and is also known for the Zimmerman case and represented the family of Michael Brown, the 17-year-old shot by police in Ferguson, MO. Will he be the “fall guy” for the true Russian collusion?

Collins, who is an avid Anti-Trumper and who has close ties with Senator Jeff Flake (AZ-RINO) is objectively letting Mueller know that she sees no evidence of collusion and that the probe into the payment of the “fake” dossier is a MUST.

What and for whom do you think the sealed indictment contains that Mueller filed on Friday?

(Feature photo credit to screen grab and Dagger News)

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