Bruce Paddock Used Eerily Identical Tactics As Mass Murderer Brother Stephen Paddock

Bruce Paddock, the brother of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, was recently arrested in California for child porn charges after evading authorities for at least 2 years. Authorities were tipped of on Bruce’s location after the Las Vegas tragedy. You can read more about Bruce Paddock’s arrest here.

Law enforcement authorities discussed their investigation of Bruce Paddock with TMZ recently and according to TMZ’s Article:

Bruce Paddock has been on the run for more than 2 years prior to his arrest this week for child porn. We’re told he changed his appearance and moved often to keep cops off his tail … and took drastic measures to avoid getting nabbed.

Our sources say Bruce rigged up places he was living with booby traps that included propane tanks tied to doors … and used cameras to create homemade surveillance systems around his properties.

-TMZ’s Article

Well doesn’t that sound familiar? It was reported from multiple sources that there were several cameras set up in Stephen Paddock’s hotel room at Mandalay Bay to help alert him while carrying out his attack. On top of that, explosives were found in Stephen Paddock’s car at the resort…hmmm, isn’t that all a coincidence?

The authorities interviewed by TMZ revealed they are actively checking out any connections Bruce may have had with Stephen other than both of them being, what authorities call, “evil smart”.

Ever since Stephen Paddock carried out his heinous act on a Las Vegas crowd, there have been more questions than answers brought forth as a result of the investigation. Many feel authorities are not being truthful and are hiding something for whatever reason. And as more details come leaking out, we are left wondering: How could only 1 person be responsible for all of that carnage and plan & carry it out all on their own?