McCain FREAKING OUT After Reporters Link Him to Dossier

Is McCain fearful that his part in the fake Dossier will be exposed? It seems that his facts are changing. As we know, Buzzfeed had printed the dossier story in January 11, 2017 with the full fake Dossier available to the Public. Click here to read their original piece which states that it is “unverified” and has a link to the full document Dossier.

Briebart is reporting:

Last week, McCain denied providing the dossier to BuzzFeed and said that he only gave the material to the FBI. “I gave it to no one except for the director of the FBI. I don’t know why you’re digging this up now,” McCain told The Daily Caller during what the news website described as a testy exchange.

Interestingly, only a handful of people had access to the fake document and who could have given it to Buzzfeed. So far, according to the Daily Caller,  Fusion GPS and former British spy Christopher Steele have both denied giving the document to Buzzfeed in court proceedings. However, Steele did show a copy to “McCain and Kramer, a former official at the McCain Institute, were first told about the dossier in November, during a conversation with Sir Andrew Wood, a former British spy and associate of Steele’s. McCain then dispatched Kramer to meet with Steele in London on Nov. 28.” per the Daily Caller.

(Credit to You Tube Grab: Chistopher Steele, former British Spy)

(Credit to You Tube screen grab: David J. Kramer)

“Steele, who operates Orbis Business Intelligence in London, has revealed in the London lawsuit that he allowed Kramer to view the dossier but did not provide him a copy. He said that an “arrangement” was later made for Fusion to provide a copy of the dossier to McCain through Kramer.”

Sounds like McCain is conveniently leaving out facts on how and when he first saw the fake Dossier and who and when and how he passed it along. Drop a line below and let us know what you are thinking.

(Feature Photo credit to Chicago Now)