OOPS! Bill Gates Offers Blockbuster Apology to ALL American Children!

Bill and Melinda Gates are two of the wealthiest people on the earth. They made their fortune with Microsoft. They have a charitable foundation and had their hands in the common core education initiative. Forbes reports this on his wealth.

Joy Pullman of the Federalist Papers, reports this blockbuster admission:

“Since 2009, the Gates Foundation’s primary U.S. activity has focused on establishing and implementing Common Core, a set of centrally mandated curriculum rules and tests for what children are to learn in each K-12 grade, with the results linked to school and teacher ratings and punitive measures for low performers. The Gates Foundation has spent more than $400 million itself and influenced $4 trillion in U.S. taxpayer fundstowards this goal. Eight years later, however, Bill Gates is admitting failure on that project, and a “pivot” to another that is not likely to go any better.”

It is good to know who is responsible for the massive failure to the future of our children. Bill and Melinda Gates have three children of their own and it is guaranteed they were not subjected to horror of common core. Perhaps, Bill and Melinda should stick to technology and stay out of the education of our children.

Betsy DeVos, U.S. Education Secretary, in April of this year, told Fox News:  “Common Core is no more”. It is now in the hands of the States to adopt or retract the failed attempt at standardizing our children’s public education.

“And many States are still using them. A recent analysis found that of the 46 states that adopted the standards, eight states have officially repealed or withdrawn, 21 states have finalized revisions — many of them minor — or have revision processes underway, and 17 states have not yet made any changes per the Washington Post.”


Joy Pullman summed up Bill and Melinda Gates’ failed attempt at Common Core beautifully:

“Bill Gates Tacitly Admits His Common Core Experiment Was A Failure: It looks like this is as close to an apology or admission of failure as we’re going to get, folks. Sorry about that $4 trillion and mangled years of education for American K-12 kids and teachers.”

What do you think of Bill and Melinda’s meddling in our education system?

(Feature Photo Credit by Business Insider)