Tucker GRILLS Jesus Campos’ Union Rep David Hickey

It has been recently discovered that the Vegas Security Guard Jesus Campos travelled to Mexico after Paddock’s shooting spree. Why would authorities let Campos leave the United States to go to Mexico after the deadliest shooting in recent history? Tucker brought on David Hickey – Campos’ Union Rep – to answer questions surrounding Campos.

Tucker first asked if Mr. Campos was required to have a security license. Mr. Hickey replied:  “Mr. Campos is an in-house security guard and does not have to be licensed.”

Mr. Hickey said Mr. Campos’ travel to Mexico was a pre-planned trip and Mr. Hickey was aware that Campos was going to meet his family. Mr. Campos drove to Mexico and back by automobile. David Hickey flew in on Monday to meet Campos after he returned from Mexico and met with him the day that Campos came back from Mexico. Mr. Hickey said that he was recuperating and was in good spirits the day he returned from Mexico.

Tucker asked Mr. Hickey where Mr. Campos was wounded. And Mr. Hickey replied that Campos was shot in the left thigh with two fragments of the shell that hit him. One fragment was  removed and one was not. Tucker then asked Mr. Hickey if Campos had ever met Stephen Paddock before. And Mr. Hickey replied, “Not to my knowledge.”

Tucker asked if Mr. Hickey knew who set up the Ellen interview. Mr. Hickey replied: “I don’t know who set up the Ellen interview”. And that he had not spoken to him since then.

Tucker asked why did he skip the interviews? (referring to the  5 interviews including the Hannity interview prior to Ellen). Mr. Hickey replied in part: “I can’t speak for that”. And Mr. Hickey said: “We received a text ‘we are taking him to the quick care'”. Of course, Tucker wanted to know who is “we”? And Mr. Hickey explained they were in a Suite with 3 upper level MGM management people. Not much of an answer. In fact, it didn’t answer the question at all. This all seems like a concerted effort.

Tucker ended the interview with his classic quizzical look and a “huh” and that apparently “MGM is still in charge”.

Here Is Video of Tucker’s Interview: