Tucker BLASTS LV Massacre Investigation As New Details Emerge on Mysterious Jesus Campos

During his Wednesday evening show, Tucker Carlson questioned everything related to the investigation of the Las Vegas Massacre and security guard Jesus Campos after new details have emerged. Campos was the lone witness of Stephen Paddock opening fire on civilians. Tucker now has many Americans scratching their heads after slamming the way in which the investigation has been handled.

According to Tucker, it’s been found out recently that Jesus Campos left the United States immediately after the massacre and returned. Tucker’s team also verified through the state of Nevada that Campos may not be a registered security guard. Authorities also recently revealed that somehow Stephen Paddock destroyed the hard drive of his laptop that was found in the hotel room. These are just some of the many new revelations Tucker discussed in his segment, which we have included at the end of he article.

The new information released combined with mysterious aspects of the investigation, such as no security footage and changes in the timeline, is very troubling for Tucker. He feels there is no transparency, which could mean they are hiding something big from the public. But what is it and why are they not being truthful?

Here is video of Tucker making his case:

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  1. Barbara Wall | October 26, 2017 at 10:12 AM |

    Nick, thanks for the short, but informative update to Tucker’s pov.

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