Former SS Agent Says He Knows What Will Be Revealed in Secret JFK Files

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Clint Hill, former John F. Kennedy’s Secret Service Agent, says what will be revealed from the newly released Warren Commission Files. Clint is the Agent who jumped on Jackie Kennedy to protect her, in the moving Presidential Lincoln Continental after President Kennedy was shot.

Clint Hill is convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald…acted alone. Although there are a multitude of conspiracy theories that swirl around the assassination of our 35th President, Hill says Oswald acted alone. Please see the video below:

Another mind blower from Hill, who was around at the time of the assassination – says that he never once saw Marilyn Monroe!

It is curious to note how through out the years, all the theories and ideas that have been floating around – to hear this from someone who was there during the Kennedy-era. It is quite interesting.

With thousands of documents being released, it begs the question…will it finally put the conspiracy theories to rest? Or will it raise MORE questions?

Do you think Hill is right? Did Oswald act alone? Leave a message below and let us know!

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2 Comments on "Former SS Agent Says He Knows What Will Be Revealed in Secret JFK Files"

  1. Richard Morton | October 26, 2017 at 4:56 PM |

    I have read most of the conspiracy debunking books, but still: 1) I cannot believe that man made those shots with that rifle from that location (it “could” have happened, but is so unlikely as to demand definitive evidence, which, of course, does not exist), 2) the Zapruder film shows as clearly as possible that the head shot was from the right and front (as was testified by numerous eye and ear witnesses at the time); the efforts to convince otherwise defy common sense, 3) the Zapruder film shows Kennedy reacting to the back and/or throat shot before Conley reacts to the being shot through the back, wrist to the thigh. It is not reasonable that someone who has had their wrist shatter by a supersonic bullet would remain holding their hat in that hand for even a micro-second, 4) the testimony that JFK had a massive wound in the back of the head as indicated by all the medical staff at Parkland as well as the guy who actually packed the body into the coffin has never been meaningfully refuted – such a wound is consistent with a frontal head shot 3)the assumption has always been that Oswald assassinated the President as a political statement and/or to make himself important. The problem is that he vehemently denied shooting anyone (and whether he had shot the Tibbet as accused is also problematic), describing himself as a “patsy,” which is not consistent with someone who was proud of his revolutionary act or who craved attention. The case has never come together, and the debunkers inevitably ignore or gloss-over contrary evidence, while often presenting nearly bizarre explanations of what we do know. Personally, I am increasingly inclined to think that it had something to do with some kind of reaction to the assassination of Diem and Nhu just weeks before. Certainly among Johnson’s first appointments as president had to do with Viet Nam, which was hardly the hot-button issue in November 1963. Johnson always said he thought that there was more to the assassination than simply Oswald, and apparently Robert Kennedy believed that as well.

  2. Darrell Draeger | October 26, 2017 at 5:02 PM |

    With part of JFKs brain laying in the trunk and also being shot in the chest ..proves he was shot from the front….plus the Italian gun supposedly used by Oswald was famous for being inaccurate …to fire two shots from a bolt action rifle that fast and that accurate is very likely not possible…Oswald ‘s shot hit the curb behind the limousine…who ever fires the fatal shots had to be an excellent marksman and Oswald was not….so who set this up……??????

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