President Trump Responds to Clinton Dossier Connection

A recent Washington Post report confirmes what many were thinking: Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC were behind the infamous dossier alleging Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. The new BOMBSHELL report made headlines all across news organizations last night.

President Trump stayed mum as the news was circulated, but just moments ago he responded via Twitter.

Here is his response:

Just a few days ago in a prior tweet, he called on the FBI to release who paid for the dossier:

President Trump has every right to be upset about the latest revelations related to the dossier because for months he had to suffer through mainstream news sources continually pushing the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative and bashing him. And all along it was funded by his former opponent who he referred to as ‘Crooked Hillary.”

Feature Image Credit: Reuters

1 Comment on "President Trump Responds to Clinton Dossier Connection"

  1. Hal Lemoyne | October 25, 2017 at 9:42 AM |

    Obama, hillary clinton, george soros
    has complete confidence to their corrupt
    evil “sell Us USofA out”

    while making for themselves corrupt unequivocal fortunes

    and then trying to purposely convince Us US voting citizens

    that it was instead that this TRUMP/russian dossier is the corrupt dealing doings of our US President Donald J TRUMP

    big time

    BUT Now!?!?, and WELL WELL

    look what truths have finally come about

    that this ??TRUMP/russia?? dossier corrupt conglomerate of discribeable wealthy deadly dealings

    now belong souly on many corrupt
    ??US?? political corrupt helping fugures

    as the clintons, obamas, obama’s fbi cia, obama’s US russia ambassador, george soros

    and most certainly many more US political emps, pundits

    that received their wealthy portions of their likeminded corrupt deadly uranium
    dossier dealings

    that was corruptingly, deceptively & wrongfully being pinned on our honest US President Donald J TRUMP

    and now the actual truth is out

    and our US President TRUMP is again wrongfully accused

    is this corrupt deadly wealth making US uranium russia deal

    is now accountable to the purposed political corrupt devious handlings of

    hillary, obama, soros, comey, obama’s cia director and many other political helping

    figures that prospered nicely off of this russia uranium dossier dealing

    NOW hopefully President TRUMP can be freed up better

    ro do his job with lesser aggravating politically corrupt blockage

    Amen & Amen!!!

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