BREAKING: Stock Market SOARS To Record New Heights, MSM Ignores It

The Dow hit a record. Never before has it seen the record breaking mile marker of 23,000, until now and it still continues its upward trend. The stock market has been on a steady rise up since the day after President Donald J. Trump’s election. Why is this happening? Because we have a pro-business President. A President who has rolled back over 800 Obama-era regulations on business. President Trump has been hard at work behind the scenes and the main stream media seems to ignore this.

(Photo Courtesy of Barron’s Dow 23,000: One Slow Grind Upward)

Not only has President Trump been busy stripping the business growth stifling regulations which deregulation has caused under Obama, he has also been hard at work to ensure that manufacturing comes back to America. These actions by our pro business President has also had two other nice side effects.

One, is the Consumer Confidence Index. The Consumer confidence index is “The consumer confidence index (CCI) is based on households’ plans for major purchases and their economic situation, both currently and their expectations for the immediate future. Opinions compared to a “normal” state are collected and the difference between positive and negative answers provides a qualitative index on economic conditions.” Click here for the current interactive CCI Chart. In short, it means Americans feel hopeful. As they should, since the GDP for Quarter 2, 2017 was at 3.1. During Obama years, it never rose to 2. As Ben Carson once noted as reported by Breitbart, ”

“Dr. Carson said the first thing you would do to destroy the country would be to drive wedges between people. He said you would do so, not only on racial lines, but also with women, age, religion, and Republicans and Democrats. Carson said you would bring the country to financial ruin by spending money at “unsustainable levels.” You would also bring people in from other countries and put them on public benefits. He said you would weaken the military, “gut personnel” and reduce military strength to “historic lows.” The neurosurgeon called the failure to maintain the electrical grid a vulnerability for cyber attacks, the “next weapon of mass destruction.”

It’s no secret that our Country was on a downward spiral from a financial perspective. It is great to have a pro business President who has been working diligently to correct the path of the greatest economic engine the world has ever known.

The second side effect from President Trump’s hard work at deregulation is job creation. As reported by the New York Post “…the Labor Department reports that claims for unemployment just dropped by 22,000 to 222,000 — the fewest since March 1973.”

We need the Tax Reform to continue America’s upward growth and I highly recommend everyone contact their State legislators and tell them what you would like them to do. To find your Senator and contact information click here. To find your House Representative click here to contact them.

(Photo Courtesy of Barron’s Dow 23,000: One Slow Grind Upward)