Ted Cruz Reacts to President Trump’s Pledge to Release Secret JFK Files

Ted Cruz will never forget the National Enquirer article that attempted to connect his family to Lee Harvey Oswald during the peak of the 2016 primaries. The article included a photo of Oswald handing out pro-Castro pamphlets with another man the National Enquirer claimed is Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz.

The story circulated so much that President Trump brought it up during the campaign, which caused Ted Cruz to go on the defensive while negating the rumor-based article.

President Trump, on Saturday, tweeted his pledge to release all secret JFK assassination files, and TMZ was able to catch up with Cruz to see his reaction to President Trump’s announcement. Take a look:

Although Cruz seemed to do all he could to dodge a statement on Trump’s release of secret JFK files, he clearly said he hopes it happens. This can be interpreted in meaning he and his family are not worried about any implications that could come from the release of Top Secret Information. Perhaps Ted Cruz is hopeful, most of all, that conspiracy theorists could finally be proven wrong.