Kathy Griffin ATTACKS Her Trump Beheading Attorney

Kathy Griffin has been in the biggest downward spiral of her life in the aftermath of the photo shoot of her pretending to hold President Trump’s severed head.

She received enormous public outrage following the release of the gory photos, including being fired from CNN and losing major sponsorships. During the tremendous fallout, celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom still supported Griffin and spoke on her behalf to try to smooth things over. Griffin, however, is now very unhappy with Bloom and took to Twitter on Sunday to express it.

Here is her tweet:

Lisa Bloom immediately responded to Griffin’s tweet and released the following statement:

For the first time, Bloom admitted that Griffin went off script when speaking out in her tearful press conference about the beheading photo shoot and attacking President Trump. She said she received death and rape threats as a result of supporting Griffin, yet still wished Griffin her best after what appeared to be a breakup via Twitter.

Quite an interesting turn of events! We leave you with the infamous press conference Bloom is referring to:

(Main Image: Youtube screengrab)

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  1. what happened to your face

  2. what happened to your face

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