OMG! Puerto Rico’s Governor Rosselló Drops TRUTH BOMB On Morning Joe!

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló met with President Trump and others at the White House on Friday. President Trump asked the Puerto Rico Governor:

“Did the United States, our Government, when we came in… Military, First Responders, FEMA…did we do a great job?” And Rosselló said “You responded immediately, Sir, and you did so with…(points to the two men) Tom and Brock have been on the phone with me everyday since the disaster.”

A reporter asked Rosselló:

“Governor,  between one and ten, how do you grade the White House response?” And the Governor responded: “As I said the President has responded to all of our petitions and this is still ongoing and we expect that it will continue.”

Governor Rosselló also mentioned that his discussions with the White House included more than just short-term solutions to problems in Puerto Rico:

We are very grateful for that and I wanted to answer truthfully,” Rosselló continued. “We had a great set of meetings in the White House. We not only had the opportunity to speak with the President and Vice President, but also to talk about the immediate, midterm, and long-term necessities for Puerto Rico.”

Morning Joe interviewed Rosselló by phone a bit later (VIDEO BELOW), and Joe tried his hardest to trip the Governor up to bash the President and our Government for a soundbite- but – Rosselló didn’t play that game and simply TOLD THE TRUTH.

Rosselló was asked by Joe, for the second time, and THIS was the Governor’s EPIC response that shut down Morning Joe: Video Below 

I just answered truthfully, the truth of the matter is, the President has responded. He has responded to all of our petitions. I’ve had enormous access to the President and to his staff, and they have done so quickly.”

Rosselló listed all the issues that are occurring in Puerto Rico to Joe: 

  •  250,000 homes partially or completed devastated by the storm
  • Rains altering the infractstructure because the soil is saturated and structures are still collapsing
  • 70% of the people have access to water
  • 5,000 people are still in shelters, making progress to get them into permanent housing 
  • Telecom is down
  • Focusing on re-establishing energy with only 20% with power
  • Although we are making progress … we need to elevate this effort to a recovery stage

Governor Ricardo Rosselló told Joe:

“Nothing like that had occurred in our territory before (a Category 5 Hurricane) – a lot of work has been done but a lot more has to be done.”

WATCH the video below from the Morning Joe and see Governor Rosselló put Joe in his place! Video Below: 

And although there is still a lot to do since a bit over 20% of the people have power, about a month since the Category 5 Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, it is progressing and the Puerto Rican people have the assistance it will take to get them up and running again. This chart from Bloomberg shows the power outage in Puerto Rico since Maria struck the island. Note the days when they were completely without power and the steady growth to restoration.

“In The Dark” Chart compliments of Bloomberg

Are you glad to see that President Trump and his Administration has, once again, been vindicated by the attacks of the hard leftist’s? Drop a note below and let us know.

(Feature Photo credit to Screen Grab and Dagger News)

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  1. Give Morning Joe the boot…he’s a .001 at best! God Bless you Governor and Puerto Rico. Boot the whole network. No one is watching. Stop polluting the airwaves, please.

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