This Will BLOW YOUR MIND! SERIOUS 007 Features on THE BEAST!

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If you were ever curious about the safety of our America First President, it’s good to know he is in good hands while riding in the “Cadillac One” as it has the look of a Cadillac Escalade Sedan.

Known to the Secret Service though as “The Beast”. And righfully so. America has come a long way in protecting our President’s since that fateful day when JFK was shot in a motorcade. 

JFK was riding in a “standard 1961 Lincoln four door convertible that was modified to become the presidential limousine. The Secret Service called it SS-100x. It was used afterward, after the windshield was removed and placed in the national archives, and the originally midnight blue body was painted black. Both Johnson and Nixon used it before it was retired to non presidential duties in 1967. It now resides in the Henry Ford museum.” per Quora

Although, “the limousine is the car in which Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy were passengers when the President was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

Following Kennedy’s assassination, the car received significant armor plating and a bullet-proof hardtop and its navy blue exterior was painted black.” per Wikipedia. Presidential vehicles have come a long way since JFK. 

Photo Courtesy of Santa Cruz Live I Kennedys Riding in Dallas Motorcade

Today, President Trump rides in an armored vehicle that is more TANK than car and is nicknamed THE BEAST by Secret Service. 

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Meanwhile, the tires are Kevlar-coated to prevent bursting.


  • Research and Development – The inauguration Limo cost GM 15 million dollars in research and development alone
  • A Car That’s More Tank than Car – Weighs about 8 tons, Armored gas tank and other tank like features including the chassis and doors
  • Limo Cost – Estimated that each Beast costs about 1.5 million and gets 4 miles per gallon
  • Fast and Furious – The Beast can get to 60 miles in 15 seconds and there’s a specially trained Secret Service Agent who can handle the beast – like it’s a Ferrari
  • Never Just One – There are believed to be a dozen Beasts and 2 or 3 Beasts are used as decoys so would be assassins have no idea which one holds President Trump
  • Always Sent Ahead – The Beast rides on a military transport vehicle no matter where the President is going – so no matter where President Trump is the Beast is there for him when he arrives
  • Size matters – Smaller motorcades have about 10 vehicles and larger ones have a bout  40 cars
  • Always Watching – Serious Fire Power with Secret Service and Police Officers and air wave monitoring 
  • Serious Fire Power – One of the SUV’s in the motorcade holds a 6 barrel Gatling gun able to shower 1000’s of rounds per minute
  • A Touch of James Bond – Some cool features: bullet proof glass, tank grade chassis to withstand bomb attack, Kevlar coated tires, night vision cameras, armored head to toe, tear gas grenades, fire fighting equipment, it’s own oxygen tanks to survive a chemical attack and separate reclining leather chairs for the President to ride in comfort 

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(Photo Credit to The Thug Life Videos )