Sheriff Clarke STRIKES BACK After Rep. Wilson’s Attack on Trump

Sheriff Clarke was more than prepared to fight back after the latest attack from the left on remarks President Trump allegedly made to a fallen soldier’s widow.

Democratic congresswoman Frederica Wilson recently got into a spat with President Trump over her claim that he told the widow of a US serviceman killed in an ambush in Niger that “he knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurt.”

Trump fired back by telling reporters:

“I didn’t say what that congresswoman said. Didn’t say it at all. She knows it. And she now is not saying it. I did not say what she said.”

And then he tweeted

Sheriff Clarke then went on FOX News and absolutely annihilated anyone attacking remarks that may have been made by the President in regards to the fallen soldier and his widow.

Here is the video of it:

Sheriff Clarke said whatever was said by the President was taken entirely out of context and said:

“Shame on the Left and anybody who would exploit that thing [President Donald J. Trump’s comments] over the body of a serviceman coming back in a flag-draped coffin.”

Sheriff Clarke is right. What we have going on here is likely a game of telephone being played on what Trump meant by whatever comments he made to the fallen soldier’s widow. And the left is twisting it in a way that makes the President look bad to the public.

Whether or not the public believes Rep. Wilson’s claims is still unclear, however we have seen twisted attacks similar to this in the past and they almost never pan out.

Do you think the left is blowing this out of proportion? Comment your response below!

4 Comments on "Sheriff Clarke STRIKES BACK After Rep. Wilson’s Attack on Trump"

  1. Carroll otberg | October 19, 2017 at 5:17 PM |

    kick Wilson
    ….these are the racist of our country…shame on her—-lo k her up……former USN

  2. I am sick of her on Facebook telling her story! Another Maxine! John Kelly told on the news he was there when Trump make that call and he did not say what she is claiming! This is a congresswoman who was against the vets and had voiced wife and children should not recieve benefits of course she would say she never said it! She is a racist!

  3. Nedra Jenkins | October 19, 2017 at 8:22 PM |

    Frederica I really think you are a Fred. do you know the old saying, little boys were made out of string and God had to much so he left a little thing. girls were made out of lace , God didn’t have enough so he left a little space. GET A GRIP YOU IDIOTS. HEY FREDERICA ARE YOU A LITTLE THING OR A LITTLE SPACE? I THINK YOU ARE A THNG. YOU MAGGOT

  4. just another libtard trying to get her name out there this what all of them do to draw attention to them she didn’t fact check anything that’s the trouble with society today the never seem to check and see if it’s the truth before opening there mouth

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